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    Buffalo Special 6 - astonished

    Does anyone here have a size 44 Belay jacket? If you do, can I ask a huge favour? Could you measure it across the chest from armpit to armpit and say what that is? Thanks :)
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    Ben Fogle smock

    Yes, the Queen puts HP sauce on her bacon sarnies like everyone else. :)
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    Ben Fogle smock

    Ah! But do you think she'd tell you?
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    Your favourite job?

    I fixed TVs straight out of school but then went and trained as a nurse and then went into social services. After that I went to University kind of paying my way through as nurse. Then started to get work teaching in universities which is what I am doing now. It's rewarding enough. Our dad was...
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    Pot size for solo hiker.

    I find the ones I tend to actually use are about a litre, but sometimes I take two, so one has to fit inside the other ... which isn't very much bigger ... think maybe 1.2L
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    Micarta (Tufnol) vs Stabilised wood on stainless steel?

    Micarta But I have a knife handels in partridge wood and another in lig vit and another in sneezewood. They are all pretty plain pieces of wood (it is the figuration that I don't like) tough, and which pretty much look after themselves. So, really, I'd say micarta or wood, so long as the wood...
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    Sold Serrata fixed blade by Stuart Ackerman

    Nice buy :)
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    Fishing off a Bridge

    Just wondering; how high is this bridge?
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    Fishing off a Bridge

    It is a funny thing this. When I was in the States more, I found that you can fish an awful lot of water so long as you wade up the river, rather than walk the banks themselves. But it varied. I guess the same kinds of variation will apply to different permissions in the UK, perhaps.
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    Just to ratchet up the tension :)
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    Any Roman Legionnaires about?

    Oh, Puto fore ut me ad terram conveniat!
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    Branded Waterproof jackets - Worth the money?

    It's the popper studs that go with the pit-zips as makes all the difference.
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    Branded Waterproof jackets - Worth the money?

    Yes, but I am not sure where the idea that wool wicks especially well comes from. It does move away from the body somewhat, sure; quite quickly if it is worn under a very breathable layer or no layer at all. But that's not why it's prized. It doesn't pong after one wear. There's that. But...
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    Branded Waterproof jackets - Worth the money?

    It might appear too subjective .. but fans like me and others here will just say buy Paramo because it is as good as they say. Problem is that some people seem to have calamitous experiences, and I don't ever know what the story is behind them. They are coats, not shells. They are as warm and...