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    Mini stick led lights?

    Judging by the comments on the idiegogo page ^ they were a scam.
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    How to delete ''Alerts'' ?

    Log out, clear your web cache and log back in? My alerts disappear automatically.
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    Berlin Military?

    The website has been around for about ten years but very little info on the business. Domain Name: BERLIN-MILITARY.COM Registry Domain ID: 1525812559_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Registrar WHOIS Server: Registrar URL: Updated Date: 2017-10-27T07:33:34Z Creation Date...
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    Acrylic friendly stabilising resin?

    Cheers Mac I'm sorted already, I was going to suggest SGL70 but he's a bit far away lol.
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    Acrylic friendly stabilising resin?

    That looks like a perfect solution once you work the magic with plumbing fittings to get a pump fitted and no worries about resin gasses affecting the top. Mine is basically a stock pot with an acrylic lid and a pump and it was the cheapest I could find of a decent size.
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    Acrylic friendly stabilising resin?

    Mine was bought as a kit from Amazon - It shows not available now but it's a generic set up.
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    Acrylic friendly stabilising resin?

    Aye, 25% of the replacement cost to me went on delivery, a 32cm diameter x 2cm acrylic plate weighs at 2 kilos.
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    Acrylic friendly stabilising resin?

    I think the one I have will be ok (maybe) but I've ordered one anyway. It's near as cheap to buy one cut to size and shape as it is to buy and diy it Janne.
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    Acrylic friendly stabilising resin?

    Just the lid and the damage is confined to the area directly above (and in the rectangular shape of) the container I had in the chamber. Shing over on Edge Matters suggested using clingfilm to protect the acrylic which is a good idea. I'm trying to get epoxy to seep into and fix the cracks but...
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    Acrylic friendly stabilising resin?

    Just had the lid of my vacuum chamber go all starry with micro cracks while using WR90N from Jatagan. Does anyone know if cactus juice or a.n.other resin is less chemically aggressive?
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    Whats happened to ROF ?

    I thought it was an upgrade gone wrong, the actual forum/site pages seem to be missing. As long as they don't do another BB :)
  12. 5teep seems less and less populated nowadays.. :(

    If the forum admins could put a couple of troutface selfies on the front page I'm sure through traffic would increase :) HTH
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    Storing equipment

    Got my camping gear stored in vacuum bags (amazon £12 for 6 inc pump/sucker thingy) inside a plastic box.
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    Belt with pouches

    I use an inexpensive pretty standard stiff utility belt with (atmo) a pentagon speedmin pouch, my leatherman pouch and a couple of loops for keys on coils/reels. I think get a belt and add your own pouches to suit.
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    Hardwood for turning.

    eBay :D