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Don't everyone beat me to it

Discussion in 'Kit Chatter' started by alick, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. alick

    alick Settler

    Aug 29, 2003
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    Northwich, Cheshire
    For info, I notice that outdoor supplies
    http://outdoorsuppliesuk.com/ have some very good prices right now on some of the less common pieces of kit.

    These include the Grohmann boat knife that has been reviewed here on bushcraftuk, as well as the pocket chainsaw and other gear from Ultimate Survival.

    I've been buying surefire and windmill gear from Joe over the last couple of months and been very happy with the service. Now I definately fancy the Grohmann #3...

    A new 3 cell surefire proved a big hit out with the kids after dark in a local wood (Delamere) yesterday. The normal problem with the maze of tracks in Delamere is that what starts off going North might not stay like that for long. A pocket torch that reaches out 200+ yards doesn't help your night vision, but was great for checking that tracks continued as they began. Make it fun, build their confidence, they want to do it again... :-D

    Cheers, Alick

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