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    Woodman's Grip & Making a Birch Besom Broom

    It's amazing how much leverage you can get using these. Once you have the birch pinned down with these, a few bits of hemp string tied with constrictor knots gets you a useful broom that will return to compost at the end of its life. Z
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    Learning how to do nålbindning

    I made a hat. Sometimes when I hear something is difficult, my stubborn nature says "Let's give it a try". I am fairly sure I won't be doing any more nalbinding anytime soon though. It was fun to do but a whole lot of time and...
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    My first kuksa

    I think the best way to get a long handled spoon knife is to buy a blade and put your own handle on. I bought one off this bloke and I am very happy with it.
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    My first kuksa

    Have a look at this video by Zed Outdoors starring Addo of this parish. Green (wet) wood is by far the easiest to carve. Some swear by boiling the kuk in salt water. Not sure it's necessary and it makes your coffee salty! Mora have fundamentally improved their spoon knife recently: new design...
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    BcUK Photograph of 2020 January Heat

    This is titled "If we follow the path, we won't get lost. Unfortunately. " Z
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    What buries it's scat in a hole?

    Unlikely: Experience tells me that most of my colleagues are not this tidy! Z
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    What buries it's scat in a hole?

    This makes perfect sense. I didn't know about badger latrines. This is the trail it was next to:
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    What buries it's scat in a hole?

    While walking the dog in the woods I spotted her rolling, trying to cover herself with some disgusting smell. On investigation she had found a small freshly dug hole about four inches across with a dollop of scat at the bottom. Sorry, I couldn't take a picture and keep the dog out of the hole...
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    good axe

    Check out the Husqvarna forest axe. Plenty of reviews online. You can pick them up for under £35. Z
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    A question of glue...

    Update: The McNett Resole was just the job. The 30g tube appears tiny but was more than enough for the whole sole area. The instructions said to abrade then clean with paint thinner, so for once I followed them precisely. I pulled the sole off completely first so I could clean it up properly...
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    Starlink -satelites

    I saw this recently and I was quite surprised at how much stuff there is up there. Z
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    stropping compound question

    I made some stropping compound once: Z
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    Happy New Decade.

    Happy new rotation!
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    Probably the nth cold treatment thread

    I've read somewhere that your body's response to the cold virus is to raise your body temperature. If it gets this right then it can damage the virus without doing you any permanent harm. So why do we all take remedies that bring your temperature down? Surely that's just going to prolong the...
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    A question of glue...

    I have gone ahead and ordered some Freesole by McNett. Mostly because it seems to say it is for exactly the task in hand, but also because it cures through exposure to atmospheric moisture rather than just by solvent evaporation like Shoe Goo. I want to use a generous coating so that all the...