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    Hill people gear Umlindi

    Now sold- thanks
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    Hill people gear Umlindi

    And replied. Will get pics through tomorrow Cheers
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    Hill people gear Umlindi

    Evening I have an umlindi,khaki\ranger for sale had little use-will try and post pics tomorrow. Looking £175 if interested Pm me Thanks Torak
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    Luxe Mini Peak II

    It sold mate
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    Luxe Mini Peak II

    There's another member with second dibs but will let you know if they fall through-thanks
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    Luxe Mini Peak II

    Sold Pending Funds
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    Luxe Mini Peak II

    Folks As above, bought this from a member on here back in January-had never been used and I used it for one night. Just not big enough for my needs and I'm just looking to recoup what I paid-£75 all in. Thanks Torak
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    British Army self inflating sleep mats

    If anyone has one or two of the above that they want to sell could you drop me a PM. Thanks Torak
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    latest bush knife 4mm o1 and canvas micarta

    You have a talent mate-excellent looking knife
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    Schrade SCHF1

    I have used EDC Gear a few times and very easy to deal with and never had any problems. No connection other than happy customer.
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    Luxe Mini peak 2

    PM sent....
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    Mini Peak II

    Cheers guys
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    Mini Peak II

    Evening Has anyone any experience of the Luxe Min PeakII- ? What do you think, looks good value for money. Thanks Torak
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    Danner Boots

    These are still for sale
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    Catapult and hobo handline

    Sunday bump and price drop now £22