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    I have no idea of your budget (or indeed experience with air rifles), but PCP's are getting much cheaper these days. I'm an adequate shot with a springer, but a PCP off a bipod (from say, a bedroom window!) allows for almost clinical levels of accuracy - which ultimately results in humane kills...
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    Mid-Length Boot ?

    I would steer clear of the miltec/viper etc offerings to be honest - especially is there is a genuine medical reason for needing ankle support. They are rather cheaply made boots, and whilst they do no doubt give ankle support, they are thin and a little 'floppy' especially as they age. Don't...
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    What did you buy today?

    Very interested with the report when you get it! Fingers crossed - the amok website tries to say that there are no known clones of their hammock - but my bank account will thank me if there are! (
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    The 'I've found a bargain' thread

    i too found it sold out, but these combo's can be bought from the likes of Ali Express for about the same cost (the post above prompted me to look!). I also spotted spoon knives on there for under £3 inc postage - it would be interesting to see what quality they are!
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    Smallest cooking kit

    In the past i had an emergency kit that consisted a couple of hexy blocks wrapped in thick foil, some waterproof matches+Striker, an aluminum mug, and 3 longish nails to keep the mug raised off the ground above the lit hexy. I don't think I actually used it in the end (well, apart from the mug...
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    Looking for a particular knife.

    They are still issued to the army (or at least they were a few years back). I had to do a weeks survival course on Bodmin Moor equipped with a particularly battered, blunt, and wobbly bladed example. That one wasn't engraved with the girl guides logo, but I recall that there were some Royal...
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    Wanted SAS Para Bergen

    Its not the same, but i have a classic army issue 'H Frame' bergen somewhere in the loft. Still with a Karrimor branded frame! I did it up a few years ago as i loved the idea of using it, but in the end never got round to doing anything with it.
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    Mechanix Gloves for hot work

    These are a rather nice very soft leather glove - issued so relatively cheap off ebay etc. Old desert dpm or newer MTP versions, but no doubt you could dye as you wish. They aren't lined, so you won't want to hold onto anything too hot for long...
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    Identification please.

    I have no idea what it is (and as such my contribution to this thread is rather poor!), but i note that i have a load of what looks to be identical to the pictures above cropping up in various places over my lawn. At the moment I'm viewing it as some sort of weed and removing as much as i can!
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    Fallkniven S1

    Agreed, both myself and a friend have suffered edge chipping on our S1s too!
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    Fallkniven S1

    I have had an S1 for a fair few years, and i also have quite large hands. I've never had a problem with the handle myself, but it does initially feel strange if you are used to larger and more contoured e.g. 'coke bottle' shaped grips. I think its a great knife to be honest, and as you say, a...
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    Military Ops E Bay Supplier - PLEASE BEWARE!!

    I bought a few bits from them (albeit a while back) - not sure who supplies their kit, but the quality wasn't too great.
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    Best Portablewood burning camping stoves ?

    I have a honey stove - works ok, but to be honest, i probably wouldn't recommend it. Even with practice it is very fiddly to assemble, and has left a few cuts over the years!
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    VIRTUS packs etc and PLCE.

    The virtus side pocket zips are upside down compared to the PLCE zips... To be honest, much of the Virtus gear has been generally poorly received. They are on their third version of the bergen already, as the first two versions are generally considered not to be fit for purpose, and the...
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    Looking for compass recommendations

    Another vote for a silva type 4/54, the military version with the tritium illumination. Decent, no nonsense compass, with a sufficiently sized baseplate and useful roamer scales in 1:50k and 1:25k - no need for anything else in my book! e.g...