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    Ray mears in basingstoke

    I agree bud it was a great evening. My first time attending a talk by Ray Mears and I certainly hope it will be the first of many.
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    Help Please From Fellow Leathersmiths....

    Hi bud. If anything I can do to help you know I'm here for you bruv. S
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    New Bushcraft UK T-shirts

    I like all of them. would be nice to get a BCUK logo'd t-sirt though.
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    Carving a simple Wood Spirit

    Great thread. I'll certainly be giving this a go as have been wanting to for a while. I know my scouts and explorers would love to do something like this.
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    Two Sheath Commissions For Brother Ammo...Tons Of Pics!

    Always fantastic attention to detail mate. They look amazing. :You_Rock_
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    A little something for wifey.

    very nice knife.
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    Camo Pouches....Courtesy Of Singer 201k

    They look fantastic bud
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    Boker Magnum Sheath Commission

    Very nice bud, no supprise though. :)
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    Article: Treehooks

    Such a simple idea, fantastic
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    Everything I've made in the last ten days or so....

    All fantastic bud, Really are nice individuality items but when put together like that......... WOW!!!!!
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    a leather messenger bag, and a few bits from me

    Great work on them mate. They look great
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    Martindale Golok sheath stained glass and improved!

    Great work mate as always. :You_Rock_