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    Tarp vs Lavve vs Pup tent

    Decathlon stuff are very good quality; I have been using their cycling poncho for almost 10 years and it's still going strong, and 2 years ago I bought one of their pop up tents which I use when I take the scouts for their summer camp, as I never seem to have time to pitch a proper one. All good...
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    Curtain bush chair

    Good point - in fact any strong(ish) material will do - on of the YouTube videos uses a potato sack! seg
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    Curtain bush chair

    His video skills are not great, are they? There are lots of you tube videos that show you exactly how to make an A-Frame chair - see this for example: Just put "a frame chair bushcraft" or "bushcraft camping chair" in the YouTube search box and you'll...
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    Biltong maker

    I am intrigued! Please excuse my ignorance, but what is the purpose/function of the light bulb? seg
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    A Scouting rant!

    OP, I think you need to redo your Google search. "Beavers Aylesbury" brings back pages upon pages of scout groups in Aylesbury, first page has the district site as the first entry at the very top. "Join the adventure" takes you to the search for a local group. However, if you type in "where is...
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    Mountain Warehouse clearance

    I am not sure if anyone else has posted this - this weekend Mountain Warehouse claim to have up to 70% discounts on a number of items, details here if you are interested. seg
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    How much for a dog!

    ...which is exactly why I suggested that it might be worth looking for a 'foreign' mongrel. For many opeople this is outside of their comfort zone, but it's worth a look. Ours is grateful for what she gets, if need be she can happily stay at home alone for 5-6 hrs, with access to the garden...
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    How much for a dog!

    Like others have said, don't buy a dog from a breeder, give a stray a home. If you want something slightly different, why don't you have a look at organizations that rehome strays from Greece or Bulgaria etc. (see for example 'strays of Greece'). They have a huge varietry of dogs that are about...
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    Bushlite and Ikea Jublo candles?

    I use a potato peeler to quickly scrape away a thin layer from the IKEA candle, it takes me maybe a minute to thin down 4 half candles. No problem after that. Worth the effort, in my view, for the price difference. I think the problem the OP described is mechanical - it happens because before...
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    Swedish army 25L lightweight daysack

    Hi there, Any comments on the above? Military mart seem to have good stock levels at a decent price. I don't want/need one for serious walking, just occasional short distance walks (2-3 miles). Any comments will be much...
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    home made mozzie clip for bushlite

    Hi all, I needed a mozzie clip for the bushlite candle lantern, but they are as rare as hens' teeth - and the current GB wouldn't deliver quickly enough, so I made my own. I thought I would only use it for a couple of weeks until I can get a proper one, but it works pretty well - so I'll...
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    Thank you Xylaria

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I believe that as good service is getting rarer nowadays, when we receive really good service, we need to acknowledge it publicly. So, thank you Xylaria for posting my order to me *before* I even paid my invoice, as I had mentioned in my...
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    Bushlite "heat deflector"

    Hi all, I bought a bushlite during the last GB, they are great, but I have a question: The top of the lantern has what they call a "heat deflector" - a metal disc that slides across the top, opening or closing the top of the 'chimney' (if you see what I mean). It looks very similar to the...
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    How to clear a PC for passing on.

    (New) replacement batteries can be found on eBay for £15 to £25. I got one for my 8 yet old Dell a few months back, so I can pass it on to my youngest son. If your dad is happy with his, why change? As for wiping out yours, as others have said, restore factory settings (on boot up with Fn or...
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    MOOT Delivery/Post - Awesome SAWYER MINI FILTER - IMHO Everyone should have one +

    The postman was successfully intercepted earlier today and the parcel was forcefully removed from his person. Perfect - many thanks Phil! seg