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    A Challenge A bit of backyard bushcraft....

    Sounds like you and your boy had a good time, thanks for taking the time to take pics and share this story with us.
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    My Car Kit

    I watched a video a few years ago, a guy was telling us he and his mate were in landrover discoverys, the road in front was flooded, he explained it was usually a little stream about 9 foot below the road. They stopped and assessed the area and then decided to drive through the flood as it only...
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    My Car Kit

    Paul B, I wish I could have a more relaxed attitude like yours as in ill figure things out when / if something happends. Since having my kids I've become probably way over protective, Whilst I can't protect my family from every given senario and let them have a quality life, I try to mittigate...
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    My Car Kit

    l Alan, not sure about others, however, for us it sounds a great idea, but the inital financial outlay is just way outside of our buget currently, That's not to say that we wont start allocating funds so we can purchase one, one day. Nomad64, Thank you for reminding me of this, as this is...
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    My Car Kit

    Exactly, I did want a small fire extingusher up front with me, however, my wife pointed out that we had no where to safely stow it and it would soon become an annoyance, and at that point end up in the boot. That got me thinking, Firstly she was probably right, the Secondly if I keep it in the...
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    My Car Kit

    I understand what you’re saying, however this kit doesn't really impact us, apart from the grab bag, the majority is either in the glove box or under the false boot floor in our Antara. I agree 100% with this statement, in our case our first aid kit is very comprehensive, and multifunctional...
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    My Car Kit

    That's a great start. Now go make a cuppa, sitdown and ask yourself whats the worst case situation that you might realistically find yourself in. Is it a breakdown on a road with no traffic, how long do you imagine theres no traffic for? Is it a blizzard that makes you pull over for an...
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    My Car Kit

    Part 2 I’ve started keeping our Kelly Kettle Kit, in the boot too, not for some well thought out reason, like all the other items but simply because I have it so why not, there's no real need to carry it, as we have the jet boil. However, my thinking was it may get used more if we keep it in...
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    My Car Kit

    I was reading the thread Ready made kit for Car travel? & it got me thinking about the kit I carry in my car. This is the stuff I carry every day, its stowed in our car, either to be forgotten about until needed or used regularly. Anyway, here’s a breakdown of my complete kit. I hope it will...
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    Best thing for finger bandaging.

    Could just keep it simple. Remember a bandage is used to keep a dressing in place. Any material will make a dressing. In an ideal world it would be clean and sterile. However, in an emergency situation any clean material would do. a simple solution a peice of steril gauze, this is...
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    A Woodcarving Gift

    I knew drew, and spent many a night under a tarp with him at Brockwell woods. So lets say a bit about Drew.... From the off he has highly annoying in many respects. his field admin skills was almost none existent, he had kit everywhere. Unfortunately he was the but of many jokes. He used the...
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    A simple Chuck Box

    That looks great Wayland
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    Loads of hazelnuts

    looks good let's hope the squirrels don't beat you to them, they normally get there before me
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    New DD Hammocks Top Quilt

    I've looked at the specs of the new design its way heavier than there old one, it would be interesting to know how it compares to both their old design and the Sungpak top quilt
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    Having a go at cider making....

    I Love the apple press where did you get it?