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  1. Kerne

    Proper, old fashioned dufflebag like wot I had at school...

    Thanks, Robbi. Got some rucksacks on the go at the moment (and I need to get some more leather!) but I’ll be in touch.
  2. Kerne

    Proper, old fashioned dufflebag like wot I had at school...

    Thanks for the kind words, folks.
  3. Kerne

    Proper, old fashioned dufflebag like wot I had at school...

    Fancied having a go at something other than the usual rucksacks that I make and, having recently made a bag from an old dinghy sail, I decided that I needed a duffle bag - just like the one I carried my sports kit around in back in the 1960s and 70s. Had to learn to splice and whip double...
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    corona virus projects any one?

    A sailing mate of mine gave me an old sail from a Laser dinghy and it's been lying around for ages. Decided that I ought to do something with it and came up with this: Put a sneaky little pocket in the weather lid: Got loads of sail left so I think I'll have a go at another one - got some...
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    Singer 201K - needs a little work: FREE!

    Gone now - thanks for the interest.
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    Singer 201K - needs a little work: FREE!

    Hi all; Been away for some time (NOT on a diet of porridge...) but back home now. I have a Singer 201K that needs some work to fix the thread tensioner (also the foot switch can be a tad temperamental from time to time). I now have another Singer 201K which works a treat and, although I had...
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    Best / Favourite UK Legal Pocket Knife..

    This is mine: But glad to say I only paid about £60 for it umpteen years ago!
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    Tick what?

    You could wait to see if the "bullseye" rash develops but I'd ask the Doctor to send me for a blood test for Lyme's disease. I did this once and was sent straight away for the test but my Doc is quite clued up about these things.
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    Scout Stamps

    Reply sent...
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    Scout Stamps

    Had a request to make a set of Scout Stamps for embossing leather but I think the buyer has changed his mind (no contact). As a result I have these available: £15 the set inc. p&p and PayPal fees. PM me if interested.
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    Most hard wearing and Long lasting clothing you own ( and the shortest before thrown)

    Rohan Bags - well old and still serving their time for gardening. bought a pair of cheap Hi Tech boots once - fell apart after two outings!
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    Recommendations for a beginners guide leathercraft book

    Like Tipi I recommend Ian Atkinson:
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    I use a Tyvek sheet. Very light though can sound like you're sleeping in a crisp packet until you break it in a bit.