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    Sussex BCUK for January: weekend of 30th/31st of Jan 2016

    1 Neumo 2 Adrian 3 4 Bill 5 Stewart 6 Dave 7 8 9 10
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    Sussex BCUK meet for September 2015: weekend of 26th/27th

    Greetings. If I can get me a battery and rear tyre I should be able to make this one. Assuming it doesn't snow of course. 1 Neumo 2 Jo 3 Logan 4 Adrian 5 Bill 6 Dave 7 8 9 10
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    Show us your vices! (virtous ones, I mean...)

    One of my more virtuous vices... Vintage razors. I shave with all of them.
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    Sussex BCUK meet for February 2015: Weekend of 21st/22nd

    1 Neumo 2 Bill 3 Adrian 4 Jo 5 monkey boy 6 Dave
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    Girl stuff!

    Just bury them. There I've said it. Now the enviromentalists can have a field day. I'll bet my titanium poop trowel I wasn't the only one thinking it though. ;)
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    Couldn't be clearer than that mate.
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    Go into library. Set up a folder. Give it a name. Open your pics on your laptop/device. Drag and drop into library folder.
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    DIY wood gas stove

    The inner can should have small holes all the way round. I think the OP has some but maybe could have a lot more. Ya want flame coming through there like a gas cooker. Also the inner tin should be shorter than the outer to allow air flow underneath, The OP has it so but a shorter inner tin may...
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    Breathable AND waterproof? Wiggy thinks not!

    Back when I was a motorcycle courier in London I would regularly see a guy riding around with his feet in carrier bags, held in place by bungies. His bike was worth a few grand. Each to their own eh.
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    Breathable AND waterproof? Wiggy thinks not!

    I've found Gortex lined boots to be cold in winter when sat around. I've always suspected they trap moisture between liner and leather.
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    what's your prefered pocket knife? + pics!

    I like that. I like Lambsfoot and Sheepsfoot blades so yours appeals to me.
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    Karrimor trainers, great buy!

    Ah Sports Direct. I like to browse in them for the odd nugget. They seem to get some good stock in and sell at good prices for a wee while then the quality magically turn to turd. Sometimes they've taken over the Company as with Karrimor, and sometimes not. I still like to browse the shop for a...
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    Breathable AND waterproof? Wiggy thinks not!

    It's a lot more breathable than nylon though eh?