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    Throwing knives

    Waynes set of knives are about 10-12 inches long by maybe 1 3/4 wide and 1/4 inch thick IIRC so your width seems about right but the thickness seems a little much. maybe just make a template and get the grinder out!
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    Circular saw blade knife suggestions.

    Indeed I have a large saw blade (about 30 inches diameter) that i need to do something with. the steel is 4mm or so thick. I'm thinking some sort of Parang/ machette...
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    Theresa Kampers new website - Tanning and Traditional Skills Courses and Leather Artefact Analysis

    Agreed, she is very talented. Watch out for her coming to a TV near you soon! No details yet but she was one of a team of experts living Paleo style for a month. looks like it will be a good watch.
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    Circular saw blade knife suggestions.

    Hi Chris I made the top one with the white handle from a circular saw blade 2019-02-02_07-54-48 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr Or if you want something a little more 'normal' how about something like this? A WM1 blade 2020-04-24_09-23-14 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr
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    Tactical or traditional?

    i have a 5.11 Rush 24 and i love the pack. I use it as a day bag when I'm teaching. the compartments mean i can get to everything easily. Things like a food temp gauge for when cooking. I have it so the main compartment is empty except for a saw. this is so i still have space in it for storing a...
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    Sold Fallkniven WM1

    Apologies Tipp just realised this is a for sale thread and we shouldn't be posting off topic. I am as guilty as everyone else here! Good luck with sale. Mark
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    Sold Fallkniven WM1

    Some time ago i got a WM1 knife and put a full size handle on it. really lovey knife actually. 2020-04-24_09-23-14 by Mark Aspell, on Flickr
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    Just ate some rat bait...

    I've done that a few times Tone Done it with the bigger fen traps too - that hurts. especially if you allow the jaws to get some inertia and your fingers are at the end of travel! A few questionable words were heard!
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    Just ate some rat bait...

    also rat bait is a slow acting poison. so they will eat many bags. generally they are based on an anticoagulant and the antidote is vitimin K. So if the rats are eating greens as well as your bait- you are just feeding them!
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    Just ate some rat bait...

    Joking aside traps are often tripped without the animal in the correct position - or there long enough. if you melt the chocolate onto the trigger the animal has to nibble the chocolate off which is time consuming and sure to set the trap off
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    Put sheath on belt without undoing belt - ideas wanted

    Many of the phone holders have a belt clip and then a leather flap sewn underneath with a press stud at the top. the belt clip slides over the top of the belt and the leather flap goes behind the belt and secures with the press stud stopping the pouch popping off the top. Works well.
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    Garden camp out.

    Scouting are doing a virtual camp over easter. spend one night out and send in photos to the leader
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    Help a luddite out please

    a Dictaphone type machine in your pocket with a lapel mic . it's a bit of a pain as the 2 files are separate but you can bring the video in and audio too. people often use a hand clap as a clapper board effect at the beginning so you can sync the 2 tracks easily. then you just treat it as normal...
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    Wanted Woodlore PRO

    I'm thinking of selling Alan Wood Woodlore. Not a SWC Pro version. Possibly better?
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    Tactical Tracking Trail

    i would suggest a crisp packet but no-one would live that long! What about a newspaper? Clothing