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    Exmoor next week - what to do?

    Heddon valley is great a nice flat walk to the beach and the hunters inn pub there is great. Combe martin is also werth a trip fantastic crabfishing in the rock pools. Woolacombe bay has a massive beach and the red barn pub is great. You must also drive from hunters inn along the coast road to...
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    How many knives for a bushcraft trip.

    Next time i go out i will take a mora 120 and my smallest axe weighing in at 300g.normaly i would normaly take my dave budd knife which is kind of like the 120 but much longer and a silky zubat.
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    Basketry, Scotland.

    Hi i could be up for this depending on the price.
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    Recommendations for a handmade leather belt

    Check out half goat leather works, Hamish makes great belts
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    Meet in January/Febuary?

    Cool hamish will be back from france early next week then we can hopfully get a plan together.
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    Ash for axe handle?

    Ive got some ash you can have, got loads that will do for you. Could bring it up some time if you like.
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    Meet in January/Febuary?

    Ye i recon we can come up with somthing. How about a trip to a bothy?
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    Day Out Lakeside lunch

    Looks like a good moment thanks for sharing it.
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    I could point you to some nice spots but unfortunatly i do not live in that area anymore.
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    A Walk in The Hills and Woods (picture heavy)

    Looks like you had a good trip out. Most of the snow has missed my area so far hopfully we will get a good load soon.
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    I want to run blacksmithing courses in Glasgow

    Ye will be a good day out and looking forward to meeting a few new people
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    Woodlanders (film series)

    Thanks will check them out
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    Making a home made tarp?

    Thank for the advice. Toddy i think you might have recomended that place to hamish resently were going to have a trip there some time early next year.
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    Making a home made tarp?

    Hi folks Im very soon going to be making myself a tarp from waxed canvas. But im finding it very difficult to find some good strong cotton or linen thread. I have used some polyester thread resently to make a small bag which would definitely be strong enough but i think it could let water...
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    Sweden - Pathfinder Survival Course with Dave Canterbury

    Thanks for the write up. Looks like you had a great time. Dave Canterbury seams like a desent fella from what i can tell from his vids maybe one day i will get to meet him my self. Its a shame some folk have to get all uparty about things, at the time you were going along with the course and...