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    Leather patches heads up.

    I'll take one of you selling :)
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    marto brewer explora knife

    These are from the eighties so maybe the same ones but certainly seems high quility and well made :)
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    marto brewer explora knife

    Just got this today very happy with it bought it on a wim without research but had a look up about it and they seem a bit rare.the man who invented it Charles brewer-caritas is a real life Indiana jones who's made some amazing discoverys in Venezuela and holds a fire lighting record with sticks...
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    trying to locate some becker necker handle scales

    Yeah I would love some micater ones as well if anyone knows a UK source
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    Skewer and roasting question

    Wrapped it around the meat then hung from a stick we had no way to cook it as it was to big for the Dutch was a inspired idea, then we just cut off chunks of meat with our knives no veg or owt all in a very primal fashion lol
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    Skewer and roasting question

    That lamb was fantastic still remember it now and the pork mmmm, first time my daughter had tried it now she loves it and a great way to recycle a bit of fence wire :) Enjoy it something about cooking a joint of meat over a real fire can't be beat
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    Softie for a softie

    Highly recommend one I wear mine all the time, nice and warm and great when sitting around camp :)
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    Your picture of the day...

    White lipped snail from this mornings wanderings I'm quite impressed as I used the camera on my phone :)
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    MOD Heximane Stove: Any good?

    I have real affection for them it brings lots of happy memory's of cadets always first up the smell of hexi on a crisp quite morning loved it.another tip cover the bottom of mess tins with washing up liquid stops soot sticking to them +1 for wet tea bag aswell
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    Day meetup. Sunderland, Washington, Houghton le Spring

    nice info Steve can't believe a nice place like chopwell isn't worth the FC rangers time to check on sad signs of the times I suppose
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    Tat2Trev leather patch!

    Cracking patch great work by trev and on a nice shirt :)
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    Seasoning a Dutch Oven

    Did mine in the oven indoors to say the wife wasn't to pleased is an understatement lol washed in hot water dried it in oven then just coated it in veg oil with kitchen roll in to hot oven for about an hour then repeated 3 times easy :)
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    Few bits for sale

    I Have one of spoonys stoves great little item especially with a lynx stove or hexi block really rate mine :)
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    Proud of my 6yo daughter

    It's great being out teaching the kids stuff they get so much out of it and being outdoors in fresh should defiantly be taught in schools I'm lucking my daughter picks scouts for her Friday afternoon activity at school she really gets so much out of it and the school are proud of there...
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    What's this stuff in my trunk?

    Thanks for that need to get out to some conifer trees to try it :)