Wayne Jones- BushcraftUK Moderator, Founder & CEO of Forestknights

jones-wayneWayne having grown up in the Sussex countryside, his love of the outdoors turned into a passion, which turned into a career!

Having spent many years climbing and mountaineering in the UK and Europe, Wayne then travelled widely learning new skills and experiencing new environments from the high Arctic to Japan. He has also spent the last 30 years learning and then teaching the martial arts and self-protection, so all in all is a handy man to have about!

Wayne is never happier than when outside sharing skills from Bow Making and Greenwood crafts to leading Bushcraft and canoeing expeditions. Bushcraft is more than just a hobby it’s a way of life. Everyday brings a new opportunity to discover something new and challenge ones skills. Cooking great food from fresh natural ingredients is one of the most important bushcraft skills. Eating well can turn any trip into a life affirming experience.

Wayne successfully completed his Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician training at Glenmore Lodge and requalified in 2018 in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland.