First Impressions

My first impression of the Ruike Trekker LD42-B Multi-Tool was that it looked like a super-sized Swiss Army tool – that is once I had got myself past its rather unwieldy name!

Measuring some 11.5cm long when closed x 2.5cm wide (including pocket clip) and 2.8cm deep and weighing in at 205g, this tool is a solid, well-made, crisply machined and well thought out selection of functional kit.


Ruike Trekker LD42-B Multi-Tool Closed

The main blade has a thumb stud to allow single-handed opening and a good liner lock for safety. When opening the razor-sharp 8.5cm long, 2cm deep, 3mm thick flat ground, mirror polished drop point blade, there is a “stop” halfway through the action to help ensure you do not close the blade on your fingers, and the Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel (one of my favourite stainless steels for knife blades) takes and holds a fine edge.


Ruike Trekker LD42-B Multi-Tool Open

The other tools in the package with the Trekker LD42-B Multi-Tool include:
Scissors – capable of cutting 2mm thick leather, paper and hair easily
Bottle opener – always useful
9cm wood saw – with the spine narrower than the very effective teeth to stop the saw binding in the kerf
Corkscrew – even more useful than the bottle opener to some
Fold-away lanyard ring
Belt cutter – angled for a safer cut, and Tungsten steel glass breaker – these two making the Trekker a useful “rescue” tool
Wire benders and wire strippers
Spoke wrench
6.5mm and 3mm screwdrivers
Awl/reamer with a sewing eye that is very effective for boring holes in wood etc and for sewing canvas or leather.

All the tools are solidly made and effective and a joy to use – though I have reservations about the practical safety of mounting the small screwdriver on the top of the angled belt cutter. However, I have yet to have an accident with it!

The Trekker sports tough G10 scales that, although a little square edged for a comfortable grip in extended use are almost indestructible and hold the tweezers safely.

The solid pocket clip certainly stops the Multi-Tool from being a big lump in the bottom of your pocket but does compromise the comfort of the grip to a degree. It should not prove difficult to remove the clip if it is a real problem to any user; I never have really liked pocket clips.


Ruike Trekker LD42-B Multi-Tool Closed


I used the Ruike Trekker LD42-B Multi-Tool extensively at the BushMoot and found it functional, practical and great to use. Others that I allowed to try it seemed to agree with me!

In conclusion, I have to say that this Multi-Tool, priced at around £61.95, has a great build quality, an excellent selection of tools and has proved to be an outstanding piece of kit.

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