Review of the DAJO Survival Knife

I’m not a great lover of “survival” knives but have to admit I’ve found one worthy of the name and WELL worthy of the inexpensive price tag.

There is a small instruction leaflet in the box telling you the contents of the knife and a quick tutorial on how to use the supplied firesteel.

The Sheath is cordura with a reinforced insert for the blade and a velcro pouch on the front. There is also approx 5 feet of utility cord with a cordlock attached.

3522naqWhen you open the front pouch you are presented with a good quality “light my fire” mini firesteel and an anodised aluminium whistle that is quite loud !!

szdez4I needed a small lightweight knife to accompany me on my African off road challenge later this year, and after looking at some survival knives like the “Rambo” types and the Loft Wiseman “treebeater” etc. I think I’ve finally found a knife I can thoroughly recommend. I introduce the DAJO SURVIVAL KNIFE.

The knife is 19cm (7.5″) long, 9cm (3 3/4″) blade and 10cm (4″) handle. It has a full tang hollow ground blade about 3mm thick made of chrome moly stainless steel (7Cr17MoWV) with an HRC of 57 and it weighs 3.4oz. Bothe the G10 handle and the blade are of a “skeletal” design that make the knife easy to lash to other objects as well as reducing the weight.

The knife comes packed in an unassuming cardboard box that’s nice and eco friendly.

The sheath offers 4 carry options. Neck or bandolier carry utilising the utility cord, horizontal belt carry or vertical belt carry.


The knife costs £29.95 including delivery from Heinne.

In my opinion this is the survival knife of the 21st century. It’s tough, light and capable. I put it though a series of decent tests at the weekend and it flew through them. It’s all the “bear grylls” gerber could have been with a bit of thought. This knife is the real deal and is an absolute bargain for the price tag. Any negative points?? Just a couple…

1. The cord would have been more useful if it was 550 paracord (i’ll be replacing mine)

2. The small anodised whistle is black, I’d have preferred orange or red so it could be easily seen if dropped.

3 the handle is a bit angular and could have been smoother. Not a real problem but I could see it being uncomfy after prolonged use.

The one thing I didn’t test is if the groove in the blade can open a bottle of beer….. Ah well next time 😀

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