Quick Cheap Pocket Stove To Make

Quick Cheap Pocket Stove To Make
by Maddave
First published 10/06/2005
This stove costs virtually nothing to make and needs no special skill.

Items needed:

  • 1 old shoe polish tin
  • 1 Pr scissors
  • 1 old bit of cardboard
  • 1 candle

pocketstove1pocketstove2Step 1. Cut your old bit of cardboard ‘across the grain’ into strips about 2mm thicker than the rim of the shoe polish tin and roll it into a spiral until you have a disc of cardboard the same size as the tin, then place the whole lot in the tin.



pocketstove3Then light your candle and drip the hot wax all over the cardboard until it’s really soaked.





pocketstove4Make sure that there is plenty of wax in the tin, but not so much as to cover the top of the cardboard, like this.





When this is done simply light your stove and cook away !!





To extinguish the cooker, simply drop the lid over the top and allow to cool.





The cooker can be used 5 or 6 times before a recharge of wax is needed and when cool there is no smell or risk of contaminating any of your kit.
After a while the cardboard will become a bit tatty but you simply cut some more strips, wax it up and off you go again. No moving parts to go wrong either.
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