Kifaru Loco Review (PIC HEAVY!)



No question what this is…

Yes, I am slightly Loco for paying this much for what is basically a glorified small ALICE pack/Short back bergen.
Made of 1000D Cordura, it weighs about 3kg empty with all the accessories strapped on ( Medium belt pouch on lid, MOLLE pouch on front, Grab-It and GPS pouch)

Here is Kifaru’s page on it:

but here is what you get for your $600 (accessories really push the price up) .

Stuffed with towels to show volume.




Some interesting features such as a G-Hook for lid closure instead of a buckle, no zips on the main pack either for enhanced durability.


In keeping with the company’s tagline (Rhino tough gear), everything is overbuilt, even the bladder hangers are fail-proof


I chose the Loco as it offered me a versatile platform, it shrinks down for daytrips, expands for overnighters, and all the overflow or bulky items can be shoved into the

integrated side pockets, essential for water bottle storage here in the jungle.



This pack (and most Kifaru’s) combine robust military hardware (ITW Nexus and National Moulding, not your usual Woojin buckles) with modern backpack design, giving you the

best of both worlds, as most military packs are tough but lack the comfort of commercial packs. Its been covered in mud and blood (my own), and hardly shows it.

Even with numerous bumps and scrapes with razor sharp bamboo and rattan thorns, it has nothing to show for it. I expect this pack to outlive me!




Chamber pocket used as a belt pouch


Overall, I would say that Kifaru’s are not for the average Joe. Brands like Osprey give you a similar level of comfort and durability, but if you are in need of a

semi-indestructible pack that lets you carry silly loads all day long, give Kifaru’s line a look.

Pro’s: -Durable, Well made, Hand sown in the USA, best hardness/suspension system I’ve ever tried, meets all my requirements of a pack.


Con’s- Pricey (law of diminishing returns comes into play here), takes a while to setup and adjust (I had to bend the aluminium stays to suit the curvature of my spine), had

to buy some Web dominators to manage the dangling straps, ordering and paying was also a bit of a hassle as they don’t accept credit cards from outside the USA.

Christmas has come early for me! :present: