Fishing Hook Tutorial
by Patrick McGlinchey
First published 14/02/2007

Fish is a fantastic source of protein and the seas and inland waters have always been harvested by mankind.
When living in the wilds, we can avail ourselves of this resource by using the many fishing techniques that are available, eg netting, trapping, spearing and angling.

fishhook011Hooks can be fashioned from many different materials that can be found in the wilds and can be made in various shapes and sizes to suit specific fish. This is but one.







fishhook002Draw out shape of hook using a piece of charcoal




fishhook003Using hand drill with flint tip, drill out a series of holes. Note small slithers of wood inserted in split to hold the antler steady while drilling






fishhook004Holes completed.







fishhook005Knock out the middle sections, leaving a U shape.







fishhook006Using flint, scrape away until you have refined the shape of the hook.







fishhook007Start to whittle the hook down further by scraping away fine slithers.







fishhook008Round off inside of hook, leaving the barb more defined.







fishhook009After scraping, the side profile should look like this. This shape is more efficient when striking the hook in the fish.






fishhook010Hook is almost complete. Work a deeper recess into the barb and finely scrape to a smooth rounded finish.







fishhook011-1Completed hook bound on to fishing line (here made of braided willow) – Tight Lines Folks !







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