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Jul 18, 2021
Hi all, I am new to this group and look forward to chatting with others with same interests. I spent most of my working life in a small mining community in W. Australia, but am now retired and living back in the UK. While in Australia I spent some 2-3 yrs gold prospecting and slept under the stars for most of the time. Was a great learning experience as my camp was around 40 kilometers into the bush and self reliance was the order of the day. I still love the outdoors life and hope to hear about others experiences and tips on places to go and things to do in the UK. Hope to chat with you all!


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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
Thank you Broch. Looking forward to the so called ''freedom day'' tomorrow, so I can start planning a ''walkabout'' and get back to nature. Have you got anything planned yet?

I have the fortune/luck/pleasure of having woodland to play in on my doorstep. However, we have a mid-wales BCUK camp organised for the first weekend in September - if it's within striking distance you are welcome to join us :)
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