Sold Fallkniven NL5

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Jun 4, 2011
Fallkniven NL5 Idun
Excellent (like new) condition.
Black leather sheath; no box.
Fabulous knife.
I would have to call this a "grail" knife for me - but I simply can't push myself to use it, so it's just accumulating dust.

I'm also going to be adding what I will call a "fancy letter opener" to go with it:

It's a Hess Tiburon that I took delivery of some time ago. I don't believe the company is in existance any longer (which is a shame)
However, at some point, the blade developed a crack in it (as seen in the pics) so it cannot really be used for any real application as a knife (IMHO).
Damn shame, as it's another terrific knife.
As a consequence I think it would therefore make an excellent letter opener on someone's desk... or, if you feel so inclined, disassembling and a new blade fitted, but this is way beyond my current skill set.
The handle is maple burl and really is very nice. I did darken the original sheath from light to dark brown.
The brass guard can be polished up nicely without too much fuss.
Still have the box for this one.

£250 all in.
BT preferred over PP

[To avoid confusion: the first "I'll take it" via post or message gets both of these. I'll use the timestamp]


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Jun 4, 2011
Mike - The Hess is included simply/only as an added "bonus"
... not as a separate quantifiable cost addition - as it can't be used for it's original intended purpose.

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