Boots, knife, Books, Chair Kit, Tent

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Oct 29, 2009
Lancashire, England
Hi Guys I have a few things that I wanna put up for grabs.

First up is a Mora Knife Erik Frost 162. This has only been used twice. Gone

Second is a pocket SAS survival guide in good condition never been taken out of house. edges sligtly frayed.

Third is Food for free by Richard Mabey. Good colour pictures very informative. Gone

Fourth is a pocket version of Food for free this has been taken out so has some creases in it. Gone

Fifth is Collins Trees of Britain and Europe. Same again this book has been out on walk about so it has some creases etc. Gone

Sixth is a pair of 9 1/2 mens meindl Vakuum boots. These have been used about 5 times on walks in the lake district and are a very comfortable and waterproof boot that have been looked after very well and will come with 2 tubs of meindls sport wax. Only reason I'm getting rid of these is I have had to buy a new pair of boots as I have had a problem with my ankles and sadly the specialist insoles from the orthopedics department wont fit in them. These boots are abit muddy but I will be cleaning them and waxing them before I pass these on.

Seventh is a chair conversion kit for a exped downmat 7 but also fits the downmat 9. This has been used once but if I'm honest I couldn't be bothered with it as I'm lazy when I'm camping and just
lie down. The only thing I don't have for this is the storage bag for it as I've moved and cant remember where I put it. Gone

last but not least is a pro action hike lite (Tigers Paw) 1 man tent. It weighs around 2 kg comes with aluminium poles. Its not been used in just over a year and is in very good condition there are plenty of sites about making this tent even lighter and gets very good reviews. I'm putting this tent up as I have a hilleberg nallo and use this or a tarp and bivvy.

I've just recently got a canoe so am looking for equipment for that or any bushcraftie bits. I will upload some photos asap. I am also going to be putting these on SOTP aswell as here.

Thanks for looking

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Oct 3, 2010
Newcastle upon Tyne
Hi could you send me a Pic of the boots I have some real good kit going up for sale swap soon as I have done some pictures. I'm very interested in your boots cheers what are you after in the way of swaps?


May 3, 2010
The shire
Howdy, I am be interested in the Mora Knife Erik Frost 162!! Been after one for a wile.. iv got lots of kit but if you have anything in mind let me know! Unfortunatly I don't have any canoe gear.!.

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