wax canvas

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  1. Tarptastic

    Sold ** Waxed Canvas Tripod Seat **

    Hi All, I've also got a Bushcraft Spain waxed canvas tripod seat for sale. Never been used. Cut 3 legs for it, and you're good to go. Bought this one for £25, can do for ** £15 ** Any questions, please ask :)
  2. Tarptastic

    Sold ** NEW Bushcraft Spain Handmade Traditional Waxed Canvas Tarp (3m x 3m) in Forest Green - SAVE £75 **

    Bushcraft Spain Waxed Canvas 3m x 3m Tarp in Forest Green Hi Guys, I'm selling this new handmade waxed canvas tarp (with tags), which is unused and wrapped. Beautiful product, but I prefer a lighter tarp. If you like their tarps, you'll find this item cheaper than purchasing from Bushcraft...