water purification

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  1. Sub5mango

    Water Purification

    I'm wondering about getting a water purifier in a black Friday deal. I don't know anything about water purification other than 30 years ago I used a hand pump when bike touring in Chile. Any suggestions for current effective methods or kit? I'll be doing it in the UK. Perhaps something like...
  2. Elen Sentier

    Millbank Bag

    I like these, combined with boiling the water, but they seem to be on a par with hen's teeth nowadays. I propose to make myself one from the leg of an old pair of Rohan trousers. It looks as if the weave is fine enough, the fabric is very light and will roll up to nothing in the billy can. I...
  3. T

    heads up iodine tincture for water purification reduced

    Just to say that despite the european ban there is some( presumably old stock) bottles of "travel essentials" branded tincture of iodine for water purification being sold off for £1.99 in "mountain warehouse" prev. £4.99 I cant find it on the website but the store in bowness on windemere had...