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  1. Lordyosch

    Footprints in the snow -Galloway forest

    Hi all, I've just returned from an excellent trip to Scotland. Early in the week I was in the Galloway forest, the Loch Trool area. One day, whilst out showsnoeing near to Curleywee I came across some tracks in the snow. There were no other signs of disturbance on the ground. The snow was deep...
  2. 21st century pict

    Have you any handy tracking tips or kit.

    Photographing tracks can be problematic, we see in stereoscopic and therefore get depth of field however cameras only record in monoscopic losing depth of field and shadows, images become somewhat flat and so forth, so here's one easy trick I use for photographic records when the sun is over...
  3. G

    Field Studies Council ID Guides - Review

    Field Studies Council ID Guides - Review I came across these a few weeks ago, and bought myself a selection. Not having seen them mentioned on here before I thought I'd write a short review. Each ID Guide is about half way between A5 and A4 in size. They are fan-folded and laminated making...