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    Expedition Canoeing Skills Review (Frontier Bushcraft)

    As with the Forest Hunter Course, I was only able to join this course due to some last minute cancellations and the help of Amanda at Frontier Bushcraft who processed my booking at an ungodly hour of the night, so a special thanks to her. I recently completed the Expedition Canoeing Skills...
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    Forest Hunter Course Review (Frontier Bushcraft)

    It took me a long time to get round to writing this review, but now that I’m booked on for another course with Frontier Bushcraft (Expedition Canoeing Skills) , I feel that this is somewhat overdue... The Forest Hunter Course with Frontier Bushcraft was a fantastic experience and something I...
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    Frontier Bushcraft’s ‘Forest Hunter’ Course

    Hi, I wasn’t able to post this in the Courses section as I didn’t have the requisite ‘privileges’ to do so... hope this is close enough. I am enrolled in the Paul Kirtley Forest Hunter course this October, I had missed the enrolment period but managed to get one of the cancelled spaces...