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  1. Cosquet

    Is this the right stuff to buy?

    HI, first of all....I'm new to this world (the only knife I've had in my life was a Victorinox Hunter model)....anyway. I am now living in the mountains of Nepal (1000 meters up, nothing dramatic) and I'm in charge of a little property that I have to take care of.....this will involve making a...
  2. Angst

    Sheath For A Battered Old Machete

    Hi...a friend of mine found this old machete at a dump and asked me to do him a sheath for it...he said 'no need to do anything fancy....a rough job will do'.....but being a lot wider at the end than the top wouldve required me to basically make him a 'bucket', so loose at the top it wouldve...
  3. spader

    Condor Engineer Bolo Machete

    Hi All Lightly used a Condor Engineer Bolo Machete with Leather sheaths, comes in original packing. Over 18 only please. Asking price: £60 By ordering these, you are confirming that your age is over 18. Price quoted include UK delivery. Many thanks.
  4. spader

    Condor Engineer Bolo Machete

    Hi All For sale, a Condor Engineer Bolo Machete and leather sheaths comes in original box. Used twice in the back garden to chop thick logs. With its weight and geometry of the blade, this is a great performer - it chops 6-7 inch logs in 3-4 blows. Superb tool. Selling due to not being used...
  5. MLL Knives

    (MLL KNIVES) WILDLAND small machete (a tool for heavy work) SOLD

    Hello everyone. THE WILDLAND CUSTOM KNIFE The Wildland is a compact cutting tool, easy to carry and very useful for the hard work in the field, very sharp and because of its proper design has great cutting power. Features: Blade: O1 High Carbon Steel. Overall length: 10&#8243...
  6. Samon

    Made a knife! Picture heavy - WIP!!

    As some of you may already know, I'm a prolific wombling, hoarding, recycling cheapskate with a passion for old and knackered stuff to clean up or re-make into other junk (and a man who fears the blood drinking badger overlord..).. Well amongst my other latest makings I decided to make use of...
  7. Angst

    Martindale Golok sheath stained glass window version 2

    hi...just finished this yesterday...tried some new effects and colours...the dyeing/painting alone took about 2 hours or so...hope you like! i've made another with some modifications and a more complex dye-job that took about 4 hours...should have pics on here tomorrow, needs assembling...
  8. A

    Machete Safety

    Dear all, I was out in the jungles of Mexico last year with a conservation group, and some of the surveys had us trekking through the jungle cutting transects with machetes. It was hot sweaty work and as much as we were rigorous with machete-handling safety, I regret to say there were 2 or 3...
  9. A

    Searching for Machete Blank

    Hi, Having made a few knives in the past I'm looking to try my hand at a machete fit for proper use, but can't find a blank anywhere. Anyone know where I can find a decent Machete Blank? Huge Thanks.
  10. MLL Knives

    MLL Knives - Wild Big Blade

    Hello everyone. New big sturdy blade. This blade has a shape that increases the cutting power, so you can use it as a machete. ◆Overall Length: 15.1/2" (39,5cm). ◆Blade Length: 10.1/4" (26.0cm). ◆Blade height: 2.1/8" (5,4cm). ◆Blade Thickness: 1/4" (6mm)...
  11. Sale

    Hatchet, machete or parang?

    I was searching for a good hatchet that would fit my needs (chopping and carving) when I started thinking that maybe a hatchet is not the best choice for me. There are other tools, like a machete or a parang, that may be a better option. So, here is my question: when would you choose a...
  12. Angst

    Sheath for martindale golok machete

  13. W

    cold steel machete

    my girlfriend recently bought me [amongst other sharp pointy things] a cold steel machete. however is arrived pretty blunt, some of the edge was even curling over itself! is it normal for a cold steel machete to arrive in this state or should i send it back? cheers in advance Chris.