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  1. M

    London talk 15 Oct 2019: Wild foods & the origin of the Mediterranean diet

    Annual Kent-Kew Distinguished Ethnobotanist Lecture 2019 Shifting geographies of ethnobotany: How Iraqi is the Mediterranean Diet? Professor Andrea Pieroni University of Gastronomic Sciences Pollenzo, Italy 17.00 - Tuesday 15 October, 2019 Jodrell Lecture Theatre, Kew Gardens, TW9 3DS (entry...
  2. T

    S. America - Patagonia - Valdivian Temperate Rainforest Edible Plants?!

    Hi, Does anyone have any knowledge or know of any books/websites which might help me. Im going on a 4 week trip into remote the Patagonian Rainforest this December - I'm struggling to find much info on what plants and berries there are to eat - i'm told by a local, not many - "a few berries in...
  3. S

    Foraging Bideford.

    Hi all, I'm going to Bideford, North Devon in a couple of weeks and interested in doing a little foraging there. Anybody had any experience there? Kayak / Fishing? Fishing? Crab / Crayfish trapping? General foraging? just about anything really. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks
  4. L

    Marsh Samphire foraging

    Hi, It's the season for Marsh Samphire picking. I took a group out today and they loved it. Great fun had by all. If you are thinking of having a try, I have made a short vid on how to ID, collect and cook Marsh Samphire:
  5. Nyayo

    Edible Insects

    Having watched Bruce Parry's Tribes DVDs (yet again) I'm struck by how many people around the world have insects as a part of their foraged diet. Now I know this has been asked before, but which species of insect can I eat in the UK? Are there any that I should really avoid? I feel I should know...
  6. TheBrook

    Wild Food Wheel

    Hey One and All, As always I hope my message finds you well? A little idea that I am trying to implement this year that will increase my knowledge of my local surrounding and hopefully it will inspire you to do the same. Would love to know...
  7. coastal survival

    Scotland 2014 - Coastal Hunter Gatherer Course - Photo album.
  8. Seoras

    Spring Weekend with Coastal Survival

    Every now and then I head off into the hills with some friends. This time it was to be Gordon and Rick, whom I have worked with for a number of years at the Crisis Open Christmas shelters, and I had arranged with my friend Fraser from Coastal Survival that we would come down and spend time at...
  9. coastal survival

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow.

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow. Looking good for mushrooms this year, we are running a day course foraging for mushrooms and cooking what we find, a wild woodland risotto is on the cards, with a selection of wild foraged herb teas and what ever...
  10. troyka

    android foraging map tool?

    hi im looking for an app that i can map places i find with various resources, apple trees, hazel, berry, mushrooms ect...but cant find one, does one exist? or are you a droid app maker? and fancy making one for the community?
  11. Steve M

    Wild Food and Natural Resources Course ... one season in

    I've had good feedback about the course I'm publishing on my blog (which is also available on Facebook) and so have published a summary. If you're following it, then I hope you've enjoyed it so far and if not, then I'm going to go over a few of the major points as we progress into summer...
  12. D

    Wild Food & Foraging Books

    Good Day Wild Food /Foraging Books Would someone be so kind as to point out or recommend some top books (pocket size would be amazing) with good illustration/photo quality. I’m really struggling in this area and there are so many books out there, my head is hurting with choice. I’m looking...
  13. coastal survival

    What do want to know about Coastal Survival?

    sorry please delete
  14. J

    Shell fish in August.... Myth and reason?

    Recently was camping with the family in Cornwall and found a wonderfull Mussel bed (no out-lets near by!), some sanfire and wild Garlic- yum yum... if only White wine grew near the sea...... I had it drummed into me that you can't eat shelfish in a month without an 'r' in it. But also had a...
  15. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    'Food For Free' - Richard Mabey

    I found this in 'The Works' for £3.99 NEW. Nearly £7 on Amazon. Not affiliated etc etc. Just thought it's a bit of a bargain for anyone who hasnt already got it.
  16. coastal survival

    Coastal Survival - Coast Hunter - Wild Food

    Really good day on the Edible seashore course with Robin Harford of The sun was shining which is always good on a days coastal foraging. We started off on the beach and a few quick pushes of the shrimp net I made the night before, found some nice shrimps. There is only one...