first aid

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  1. Wayne

    First Aid Course Arundel West Sussex

    Forest Knights are running a 2 day 16 hour outdoor first aid course 2nd- 3rd March 2019 This fully certified course will take you from novice first wider to a confident and competent first person on scene. Our courses are designed specifically for those working and travelling in the outdoors...
  2. Wayne

    What would you do?

    I thought I would suggest a number of first aid scenarios to see if we as a group could come up with some effective rescues. Having run a number of outdoor first aid courses and as an expedition medic I have my ideas of what's best practice but I am sure there are people on here with differing...
  3. kard133

    Grabber Original All Weather Space Blanket and Israeli bandage Trauma Dressings

    Just received these today, along with some Transpore Tape, cheapest price I could find in the UK, with free shipping. for £11.94, great for use as a ground sheet, extra tarp, etc...
  4. G

    What is in your medical/first aid kit, show and tell

    After enjoying the discussion regarding the medical uses for a sanitary towel it got me wondering what else other people might have in their medical or first aid kit. To get the ball rolling here is mine We got personal meds of asthma inhalers Ventolin and Becotide, painkillers of Tramadol...
  5. L

    Cooking oil burn - pics of injuries 10-12 percent partial/full thickness burns.

    I wanted to share what happened to me a couple of weeks back as a learning experience. It's a cooking oil burn. Roasting dinner went wrong. I'm on the mend now after quite a rough ride. Luckily I had all the resources at hand to minimise the damage but it has got me thinking..... I have fires...
  6. Wayne

    2 Day First Aid Course

    2 Day Outdoor First Aid. It is a 2 day practical intermediate level first aid course for those venturing into the outdoors or working where an expected Ambulance response is in excess of 40-60 minutes. The course exceeds the requirements for Mountain Leader Training etc. Start time 10am...
  7. forestwalker

    Plantains for wounds

    For many thousands of years plantains (Plantago sp) has been used to make poultices for wounds. Now there is finally a decent medical study that confirms the positive effect of Plantago major extracts on wound healing. The tests were done on both tissue cultures and ears from freshly killed...
  8. Rob

    Emergency First Aid Courses

    Not very bushcrafty, I know..... We have an HSE Emergency First Aid Course (1 day) running in East Grinstead on the 22nd of this month. We also have one running in the woods between Canterbury and Folkstone the day after (23rd) (Barham) - in the woods, but just a standard HSE Emergency First...
  9. Rob

    Expedition / Outdoor First Aid

    We have had a couple of people ask us about course dates over the winter months - as we don't usually run any courses until the spring, after the autumn ones. If anyone is interested, drop me a pm or an email through Wilderness 1-2-1 and I will see what we can come up with.
  10. Rob

    Outdoor / Expedition First Aid Course

    Our next First Aid / Med Course is running on 21st - 23rd October in Sussex. The Exploration Medicine course covers the core elements of dealing with problems in an outdoor setting, with coverage of issues and nasties that you might find if your travels take you to far off places. The...
  11. Smith28

    Belt System - Utility Kit & First Aid Kit

  12. Rob

    NGB / HSE Outdoor First Aid / Medical Course

    Our next REC Level 2 First Aid / Med Course is running on 11th - 13th March in Sussex. General Details can be found here - with specifics for this course in the online store here. The Exploration Medicine course covers the core elements of dealing with problems in an outdoor setting, with...