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  1. fingertrouble

    Trip Report My trip to the Jurassic Coast - and indeed Jurassic (Holiday) Parks

    I saw too late that Trip Reports go here? But then this is a craft/art thing, so I'm confused and new here! So I didn't want to spam it twice, so thought some of you might like my four (so far, going to be at least 2 more) blogs about camping at Jurassic Parks - Holiday Parks that is, and the...
  2. fingertrouble

    My artwork / trip to the Jurassic Coast

    Hi - I hope this is in the right area - didn't seem to fit photography and it's more traditional craft - watercolour and drawing with very old vintage (and some new) fountain pens! Didn't do any quill work on this trip...but I like to keep my art process old-fashioned ;-) I'm an artist and I...
  3. coastal survival

    Working weekend helping in the woods

    Hi Any one fancy a working weekend on the last weekend of January? I need stones collecting from the stream and carrying in buckets to make paths in the woods, along with a few log bridges etc (gloves + buckets provided ;) There's not much in the way of wild food in January in the woods, but we...