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  1. H

    Expedition Canoeing Skills Review (Frontier Bushcraft)

    As with the Forest Hunter Course, I was only able to join this course due to some last minute cancellations and the help of Amanda at Frontier Bushcraft who processed my booking at an ungodly hour of the night, so a special thanks to her. I recently completed the Expedition Canoeing Skills...
  2. M

    Family event

    Hi all. I'm from Bedfordshire and would like my children to get an introduction to Bushcraft. I have seen an event coming up in August and wondered if anyone here has any experience of the place before I go? Thanks, Max
  3. D

    Trueways Anti-Poaching and Survival Course Review

    I booked this course “Anti-Poaching and Survival” in South Africa (SA) through Truways Survival (TS). The course instructor was Les Brett (LB). We had some amazing experiences, however I felt there was a lack of instruction time during the course. LB is clearly very experienced and...
  4. Dreadhead

    5 days of running leatherwork courses

    Hi folks, First up I'm not sure how relevant this is so no worries if Tony & mods need to move/delete this post. I thought I would put a little insight into what I've been doing with Half-Goat Leatherwork. I'm just back from running two leatherwork courses back to back, 3 days teaching a...