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  1. M

    Family event

    Hi all. I'm from Bedfordshire and would like my children to get an introduction to Bushcraft. I have seen an event coming up in August and wondered if anyone here has any experience of the place before I go? Thanks, Max
  2. D

    Trueways Anti-Poaching and Survival Course Review

    I booked this course “Anti-Poaching and Survival” in South Africa (SA) through Truways Survival (TS). The course instructor was Les Brett (LB). We had some amazing experiences, however I felt there was a lack of instruction time during the course. LB is clearly very experienced and...
  3. Dreadhead

    5 days of running leatherwork courses

    Hi folks, First up I'm not sure how relevant this is so no worries if Tony & mods need to move/delete this post. I thought I would put a little insight into what I've been doing with Half-Goat Leatherwork. I'm just back from running two leatherwork courses back to back, 3 days teaching a...