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  1. Black-Dog

    Restringing a gathered end hammock (help)

    Hello good outdoorsmen and women of bushcraft uk, I hope you're all doing well, and having a nice day I have the ever so common DD frontline hammock I foolishly removed the factory fitted rope from my hammock in attempt to replace with paracord, and im wondering if anyone has any tips on...
  2. Le Loup

    Making Cordage from Plant Fibres.
  3. H

    What's your cordage of choice for tarp/hammock

    I'm thinking of moving into the world of tarp and hammock camping and am wondering what experience has taught others about cordage for such a set up. I mean in terms of: what length ridge line do you use? What length guy lines? what diameter cord? Same for hammock webbing, what length and width...
  4. A

    Questions about making cordage

    I'm looking at making natural cordage, I'm aware of using such materials as lime bark and nettle fibres. What i would like to know if any body can help is, would Bracken fibres work? I know they contain many fibres but would they be too brittle when they dry out? Thanks, Andy