bivi bag

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  1. Sub5mango

    Hunka vs British Army bivi bag

    Has anyone used the alpkit hunka bivi bags and got any pros/cons? I'm torn between getting a Hunka XL or a British Army "goretex" one. I'll be using it in winter with a 7cm mat (inside) and 4 season sleeping bag. The Hunka is half the weight but theoretically less waterproof/breathable/durable.
  2. Sub5mango

    Poles for macpac bivi

    Has anyone got any spare poles for an old macpac cocoon bivi? Or where I could get some (I've emailed macpac)? Or an alternative replacement?
  3. Sub5mango

    Bivi bag condensation

    How much condensation should I expect on the inside of a bivi bag? Last night I slept my first night out in a bivi bag (in the garden!) I'm in the UK. There was a heavy dew and overnight lows were 7°c/ 45°f. My face was completely out of the bag. I was cosy warm but not hot. Inside of bivi was...
  4. L

    What equipment should I buy? Tarp & Bivvy?

    Hello. Was looking to buy a tarp and a bivi bag for some small camping (set up late, pack up early etc.), however not doing this before and there being a lot of choice out there don't know what to get? Anyone have any recommendations? Nothing to expensive and light as possible? Thanks, Lee.