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    Got caught out yesterday.

    @Short_edc, don't feel too bad about not remembering where the first aid kit was while under stress. An emergency situation does effect our thinking. Which is why many professionals train using "life like" scenarios. The idea is to replicate the emotions of the situation, and to make it...
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    Minimal leather Mora sheath dangler project

    @gra_farmer, did you hand-sew it or use a machine? Was it difficult to sew the nylon webbing? - Woodsorrel
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    What have you done for the Environment Today?

    It's great that you do that, punkrockcaveman! We have a similar problem in the US with dog poop. People go through the trouble of bagging their dog's poop (as required in many wild spaces) but then leave the bags sitting by the side of the trail! The result is funny trail signs like this...
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    What have you done for the Environment Today?

    I carry a bottle bag that I made. I use it to remove trash from the trail. Many of the trackers I studied with make an offering of ceremonial tobacco or kinnikinnick to show their gratitude to nature. I decided to show my gratitude by removing "plastic offerings" others have left in the...
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    Has anyone actually eaten Mugwort ?

    No. I have made smudge sticks with them. It was not known to be consumed by the indigenous peoples of my area of California.
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    Anyone for a spot of poo identification

    In the US, the tracking community has discouraged the old practice of smelling scat. Raccoons and other mammal scat can carry parasites that can be transmitted to people by inhaling them. I mention raccoons specifically because their scat carry a parasite that can be fatal to humans. - Woodsorrel
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    Cold camps

    I encourage people to hammock camp. Polar Bears enjoy a good burrito as much as the next guy. :) I spent time in Churchill this past winter observing polar bears. It was an amazing trip I will never forget. - Woodsorrel
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    Tracking Shoes " Sneaky Boots "

    @Man of Tanith, here's a link to the mocs I purchased. You can choose from several styles. I chose a "boot-like" moccasin. I have no experience using them outside yet because of the Coronavirus, and because I haven't recovered from the fall I described in my previous post. Men's Earthing...
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    Wood Sorrel Cheesecake

    I approve. :) - Woodsorrel
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    Tracking Shoes " Sneaky Boots "

    I use moccasins. I made my own "two piece" moccasins out of inexpensive suede. These are "mountain man" style and does not require much sewing. They are silent. I wear them over heavy hiking socks to cushion my feet, which are not toughened from walking barefoot. I also use them as camp...
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    Bushcraft diary

    Yes, I keep a journal. It has proven extremely valuable. I record things I observe, questions to research when I get home from the trail, notes from classes, the location of wild edible plants, etc... When I am disciplined, I use the Grinnell System. Since I am bad at art, I paste in...
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    Fallkniven f1 cos

    I have greatly enjoyed using my F1 in VG-10. I just strop it to keep it sharp. But if I needed to sharpen it, I would use wet/dry sandpaper, a sharpie, and a mouse pad. Here is a review of the F1 in VG-10. - Woodsorrel
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    Fallkniven f1 cos

    I brought my original F1 with me on a recent trip to the arctic. I appreciated the hidden tang in the cold weather. Like gra_farmer mentioned, the original design speaks to me in a way the later versions do not. But it's a matter of personal taste. I'm sure you will enjoy either one. -...
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    2020 plans

    My 2019 goals were: 1. Do a camping trip in the Tahoe National Forest to track American Black Bear 2. Visit Yosemite National Park to hike to Sentinel Dome and to Ostrander Lake 3. Spend a week in the arctic to observe polar bear and arctic fox 4. Do at least one ultraviolet hike 5. Learn...
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    Bird Of Prey...

    Broch, deer have the same ability to see UV. Because I love to observe wildlife, I also wash my outdoor clothes in a detergent without scent or chemical brighteners. If you have a UV flashlight, you can use it to examine the clothing you wash in regular detergent. You will see the residue...