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    Ray Mears 25th Anniversary Knife

    Is this mint
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    WWII British Army String Vest…how were they originally worn?

    Sorry about this late a post. Long ago, my science teacher mentioned to the class about string vests when he was teaching about insulation. He served in the Royal Navy as an engineer through WW2. His explanation is close to Toddy's. It was simply worn next to the skin to trap pockets of air...
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    For Sale Clearout of good kit.

    Dougster, tell me about the backgrounf of those tweed pants made by RAF tailor Au in HK. That has to be pre 1997 with the 6 digit phone number as well. Today the phone numberd have 8 digits.
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    Modern British army clothing

    UK is miles behind USA. Berry compliance and made on home land should have prescedence over foreign manufacture. Its a disgrace. The overseas manufacture contracts are susceptible to manipulation as well as contractors feted to another level of seduction not seen in the UK. Please create jobs at...
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    For Sale Bushtool

    I will take it
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    Sold Custom Tomahawk

    love this tomahawk
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    For Sale Various packs for sale...

    I am interested. please contact me om private message or email.
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    Withdrawn Spyderco British Blades Urban

    Seconds please if this does not go through.
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    Sold MTP Smock used 180/112 mesh pocket version(Mk1?)

    I just saw this post It's my size. I would be interest in a new one though if you come across another.
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    MEGA clearout

    I will take: 1960 pattern British sateen combat jacket. Good condition. Dated 1960.
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    Gear keepers for sale

    I will take 2
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    Joseph Rodgers Navy Knife

    When was it made any idea?
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    Ex-Military Gear for sale

    Hi is the MTP cap still available in 59? if not, any others in 58 size lying about?
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    Do I need button compass.

    Compass in the earlier link is same as in the center of this:
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    Do I need button compass.

    Try this from a most reliable source in US: