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    Swedish Axe choices

    I ain't no expert, but kind of agree with Mr Claycomb. I have a ray mears small forest axe from back in the day, a GB one. Well made, clearly hand made to some extent. Arrived super sharp, no complaints, nice axe. Some yrs later I ordered a HB axe, similar to a GB forest axe in size, bigger...
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    Socks and gloves

    Costco merino wool sock...... good for the money. Not stocked all the time though.
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    Thinking of getting a trangia

    I've got a pocket rocket and Coleman stove since....... but they're an idiot proof right of passage, won't let you down, and the more the wind seems to blow the faster they cook (if vents turned into the wind)! I'd sooner part with my others if I had too stick with one. Trigg
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    Killer raspberry jams recipes please !

    Sorry for the late reply...... i mithered my Mrs for her notes from my great grandma..... and the two lines below are all there was! Raspberry Jam To each pound of fruit allow 1.25lbs of sugar. Warm the sugar in the oven. Put the fruit in a pan over a gentle heat and mash with a wooden...
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    Ajungilak sleeping bag

    I've got two, a kompact and a kompact winter. They're good kit. I was told 'twin' ment that the zips on the other side, so two could be zipped together to form a double!
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    Note taking...what do you use?

    Weather writer, mainly for work
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    Which Silky saw? Just googled it etc.... if I'd have answered from memory I think my research would have been 5-8 yrs out of date.
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    Which Silky saw?

    In response, I didn't 'discount' a folding one, I wanted a fairly heavy duty hand saw, looked what tree surgeon s and the likes were using and went with one I could sharpen. Looking at the size of it it'd be a bit of a mammoth folder.... but I do know silky do some mammoth folders also!
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    Which Silky saw?

    Again (sorry) not a folding one. I have a Sugoi, fairly long curved blade. I got it for doing some minor tree work. One of the main points for me was that this particular blade could be sharpened. Some of the others can't. I'm not disapointed with it, and as a result use the chain saw less.
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    hard wearing wellies that will last

    My uncle, old boy farmer, swears by nora wellies for lasting. They're not 'fancy' though
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    Leatherman squirt fail.

    Replaced a blade on a wave for me..... good service
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    For Sale Kifaru Woobie (now Sold), and some other bits, price reduced.

    I'll have the xl army smock, if not sold? Can't seem to PM you or be able to start a conversation? Please let us know either way. Ta
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    Learn to use and maintain a chainsaw?

    A few years ago I did the CS30 & CS31 for a week at Myerscough college. A bit excessive for a farm user some might think. But good course, learned a lot.