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    Pumpkin Season

    The only ones I tried cooking were tasteless things. So I generally don't bother buying them. I still carve a neep for a Hallowe'en lantern instead :) The pumpkins always look so cheery, interesting, inviting somehow. Then the reality of the watery mush kind of spoils it all. I think I might...
  2. Toddy

    Micarta (Tufnol) vs Stabilised wood on stainless steel?

    Those are nice, Chris :) very appealing Wood's beautiful, but I'm a practical little lady, and my micarta handled knives don't fret me the same way as the wooden handled ones do. I often work in the wet, in the mud, in the sticky, sappy (rarely gory) sort of stuff. The micarta ones I just...
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    Any Roman Legionnaires about?

    Hoc est animal.......
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    Hot Sweet Brew!

    @Wander Keep an eye on the Ribena in the shops just now. They do a seasonal one, kind of like spiced wine, but Ribena. It is lovely with hot water :) We've just finished the last bottle from the stash I put by last year. I'm hoping to find it again :) Marigold is good stuff. The kg sized tubs...
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    Wild Vinegar's

    You can leave it so long that whatever you put in it pretty much dissolves. Not ideal for texture of veggies, if I make myself clear, but it's do-able. Pretty gross, but the monks used to dismember and boil up those dead whose bones they wanted. They boiled them up in vinegar. It was a way to...
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    Hot Sweet Brew!

    I don't think that would do; the first ingredient (and therefore the largest by % ) is salt. You're right though that Kallo cubes usually do make a nice drink.
  7. Toddy

    A sloe day

    I suspect they might have waited until they bletted though.
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    Hot Sweet Brew!

    If you really can't take salt, then RealFoodSource sell a natural stock powder that is made only from finely ground vegetables. I love salty, but sometimes I just can't take any, so this is the fallback stock I use. (just checked for a link and they don't have any.....and neither do my other...
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    Mushroom preserves/pickes?

    Nice :) Shaggy ink caps go to mush really quickly I find, but great for a dark stock :)
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    Hot Sweet Brew!

    I buy the big tub from Amazon, but they sell the small sized ones in Tesco, Sainsbury's, etc., There is a low salt version too. It's not terribly salty anyway though. In Tesco it's often put beside the FreeFrom stuff for the gluten free people. Holland and Barrett will have it too. Pretty sure...
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    Hot Sweet Brew!

    That's easy then. You just buy a batch of mini zip bags (100 for a couple of quid delivered) and you put stock powder into them. Season it up to suit yourself. Add chilli or the label on your noodle bowl thing for their basic ingredients. Marigold stock powder is an excellent...
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    Hot Sweet Brew!

    I like mint tea, and I like it sweet :) It's an altogether pleasant drink. It's refreshing, it's tasty, it smells good, it's my sit down and chill out cuppa just now. No coffee heartburn, or tannin'd tongue either. I've harvested my own mints for my tea but It comes in teabags these days for...
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    What is this wood?

    We had some red cedar at one of the sites I worked on (they felled it nearby, so we were pretty sure of it) and it was red pink cooked meat. We wondered a bit looking at it, because our Alder bleeds red and G. was insistent that it was alder, but it wasn't, it was red but it...
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    Wild Vinegar's

    @forrestdweller How did you get it to turn to vinegar ? we used to make the banana booze when we were teenagers. It was simplicity itself. It's around the same strength as stout. Sweet, tasty, mildly fizzy and fairly alcoholic, but it didn't go vinegary. Also works really well with a melon :)
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    Wild Vinegar's

    :D It's how we make chutney, we boil it down. Thing is though, you boil off a lot of the vinegar doing it, so it doesn't always increase the taste, iimmc ? I think your best bet is either increase the quantity of the basic fruit or leave it for longer. Raspberry vinegar is easy. Put fresh...