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    For Sale Mountain Hardwear Softshell Jacket

    Mountain Hardwear Softshell jacket for sale, XXL. Excellent condition, £40 including PayPal and postage.
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    Sold Patagonia Down Hoody

    Thanks for letting me know Toby. Great service from Royal Mail too; I posted it at 5 o'clock yesterday evening.
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    For Sale Quality Clothing for the Larger Gentleman - Further Reduced.

    It's 27'' from armpit to armpit. If you compare that to a jacket of your own that fits, you're on to a winner.
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    Sold Patagonia Down Hoody

    Patagonia Down Hoody jacket for sale in a tasteful green, XXL. New without tags, never worn outside. SOLD including postage and PayPal.
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    Sold Golite Eden 1, One Person Tent.

    Excellent condition, hard to find one person tent. Very stable and much roomier than most one person tents. All pics are of the actual tent that's up for sale. For reference, I'm 6' and broad shouldered and there's plenty of space for me on my wide and long mat. Large porch with lots of usable...
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    Sold Wild Country Hoolie 3 Tent.

    Wild Country Hoolie 3 tent, immaculate condition, used once on a dry night. Can be collected in Liverpool, Derby or Cumbria, or postage can be arranged. SOLD inc PayPal.
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    Sold True North Big Tarp, 4.5 x 3m

    Righto Chris, drop me a pm and we'll sort it out. Cheers, Michael.
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    Sold True North Big Tarp, 4.5 x 3m

    True North Big Tarp for sale. Very good condition apart from one small burn hole (less than 10mm across and repaired with two layers of Mcnett Tenacious Tape) and a sticky patch of pine resin. SOLD Here's the manufacturer's blurb: The Truenorth Big Tarp is the most versatile piece of...
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    Sold Knives Part 2 - Reduced.

    Nice one, thanks for letting me know.
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    Sold BCUK Snugpak Underquilts and a Top Quilt

    I've got loads of stuff that hasn't been used in ages that I'm putting up for sale. I haven't given up any of my outdoor activities, I've just finally found the gear that I want and selling the rest. I must admit that I hadn't realised quite how much I had until I moved house... If you're...