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    Blackview Phones, and Other Rugged Android Phones?

    Turning most things off like the geolocation , wifi, bluetooth and mobile data is the key. It sits pretty much unused for 6 days, maybe a text or 2, occasional NFC payment and the odd snap. Don't expect life like that while making hour long phonecalls morning noon and night. :) Tant
  2. Tantalus

    Blackview Phones, and Other Rugged Android Phones?

    I have one of these, seems a good thing with a few bells and whistles for £130 ish on Amazon UK. Battery last me about 6 days if wifi and gps turned off. If you are off grid longer than that some kind of solar charging or back up power There is a...
  3. Tantalus

    Trail cam help

    My sense of humour, apologies. No offense intended. Wouldn't want something wired but thanks, there would be difficulties running a cable to it permanently. Like I said, It would need to be outside, and in the crap Scottish weather. Would be fun to use it as a trail cam at a later date too...
  4. Tantalus

    Trail cam help

    Outside my house and in the garden... not far from the house at all. Warned by the police to keep clear of the area, doesnt seem to understand this. Last night there was yelling loud enough to wake the neighbours at almost 1am and running away. Yes there are lots of things, which is why I...
  5. Tantalus

    Trail cam help

    There is such a dazzling array on ebay and amazon that I am quite bamboozled by it all. I am looking for something that will take decent nighttime pics with sound. Would prefer it to be completely invisible with nothing flashing when the sensor trips and the IR lights up. For temporary use...
  6. Tantalus

    Campfire bread experiment

    Nice job ! My home made bread always has a sweeter taste than anything you can buy. You mention putting more salt in to improve the taste... Salt and yeast dont get along well, the more salt you add the less your bread will rise. Experiment away to find the best mix for you :) Love Joes...
  7. Tantalus

    stripping the bark: is it safe for the tree?

    Altered your pic a little. The red circles are where the bark has been taken right down to the cambium and these patches will leave a scar as well as opening up the living tissue to the risk of infection till they heal. The rest of the stripping (except for the knife cuts obviously) should...
  8. Tantalus

    reccomend me a sewing machine

    Head to your local auction house and find an old hand / treadle machine. They go for peanuts ( I bid £20 on one last week and it sold for £22 :( ) But at that kind of price and for learning on, what could possibly go wrong ? Tant
  9. Tantalus

    can some one point me in the right direction

    Got to agree here with the others. If you have your heart set on quality waterstones, be prepared to fork out. In the meantime they are not the only way to sharpen. Get creative or use what you already have.
  10. Tantalus

    Recommend me a knife

    For food, go stainless. Specially if it is an outdoors in the rain kind of knife. Nobody wants anything made with a rusty knife ! Sure you "can" keep carbon steel looking ok with the right care and attention but for me it is not worth the hassle, which is a shame as it makes a lovely blade...
  11. Tantalus

    First aid + kit advice for traveling the world please

    As others have said... work out what "might" happen and prepare for it. The size of your FAK will need to be relative to how far off the beaten track you intend to go. Replacing stuff you have used is fairly straightforward, just walk into any local pharmacy and even if you dont speak the...
  12. Tantalus


    Such a cruel disease, and a waste of a perfectly good dinner too :( Not seen much of it up here for a year or 2, but then again not seen many rabbits either. Tant
  13. Tantalus

    first folding saw?

    Yeah they do but mainly because you can attach them to a ten foot pole and it saves you climbing the tree to use a bow saw. If you are having to hunt that high up for firewood you are camping in the wrong spot :p
  14. Tantalus

    first folding saw?

    Just to add my 2p worth and agree with those who have suggested a bow saw. Weight wise I dont think there is a lot in it, though they are a bit bulkier, still strap to the outside of your pack and it is no biggie. Replacement blades for a bow saw are a couple of quid, buying a new Silky might...
  15. Tantalus

    How best to store/keep an axe?

    Not a great fan of WD40 for long term store, it evaporates completely and leaves no oil behind. WD40 was invented to remove water (the WD stands for water displacement) Grand for hosing tools down with when you bring them in out the wet but once the water has been dispersed , slap some oil on...