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    natural leather dye

    Hi. Could anyone help with ideas for how to make natural leather dye. Have a few projects on the go that I would like to use natural dye on.
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    Try and beg borrow but not steel til you have picked up sufficient skills and then go for a prospector of almost any kind ( afew brand did not pull it off). I have an old pyranha prospector 15 years old it has hit almost every rock on every river (not quite) and it is still going strong. I do...
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    Wild camping around Sweden / Norway

    Mr Native. I am very pro wolves and don't mind them eating people. But the fact is that the wolfe in My homeland is now so bold they walk in to cities even in the very south. Is this staying away from humans???????????? Och om du jamfor mellan att bli aten av en bjorn och varg pa vintern sa ar...
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    Natural tinder in wet woods

    Lots of good advice here. Don't forget the old wood punk. Most woods will have a rotten log and if you dig in you might find something dry. Crumble it to a powder and it will catch a spark.
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    Wild camping around Sweden / Norway

    I will have to agree with some of the posts. You will be waist deep in snow if you try and cycle that early in the year and it is the wolves you need to worry about. At the moment the are everywhere. They have been seen in some of the cities along the south coast, so the full lenght of the...
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    Hi Dave. Could you let me know when you next plan to have a meet your way. Cheers Johan

    Hi Dave. Could you let me know when you next plan to have a meet your way. Cheers Johan
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    South west meet or moot?

    Thanks guys.
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    South west meet or moot?

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    South west meet or moot?

    Hi. Can anyone help me find info on a meet or moot in the south west. Can't seem to find any. Cheers Sweden
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    Intrested in a bowfishing course??

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    What's the deal with Cornish trees?

    It is to do with the straight ones having been used for construction etc. We do have some straight trees in cornwall. If you want to see odd looking trees you should paddle up the river Fal.
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    Crack in Canoe - Fibreglass Repair Kit??

    If you chop up some of the fiber cloth and mix that with the resin going in the crack, it ill add strenght to the resin.
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    My new water play thing.

    Is she any good on white water? ha ha ha Nice job.
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    Article: Casstrom No10 Swedish Forest Knife

    Looks nice. Not a fan of coils either but a very good price.
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    lets see your workshop / shed / garage then!!

    I woud recomend the waterheater o go with it. V nice bit of kit.