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    Wisport zipperfox review

    I thought I'd write a review on the wisport zipperfox 25L rucksack, seeing as I've owned it for a year or two and I've put it through many day trips to the woods and hills, and through plenty of foul weather along the way. For those who aren't familiar with it, it is a 25L clam shell opening...
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    What did you buy today?

    I'll let you know in due course. I was always hesitant about fjallraven, but the one fjallraven jacket that I've owned (skogso padded) has been wonderful, durable and in my mind well worth the cost, so I was happy to take the punt on these trousers and see how they go.
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    What did you buy today?

    At risk of following the crowd, I finally forked out for some vidda pros. At first sight they look great, can't wait to put them through their paces. I have some lightweight Montane terra pants so these should complement them well.
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    Woodgas camp fire.

    Nice! Looks good too.
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    I guess some choose 'tactical' or military style kit because they identified something of decent or good enough quality which fits a need. Others enjoy military style kit perhaps in the same that a model train enthusiast enjoys model trains. I don't think the latter qualifies as walting. Just...
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    What bushcraft activities do you do when you're in a group?

    Crosslandkelly, do you have any details of a Suffolk meetup group, if you don't mind sharing?
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    Dandelion root coffee

    That's a good tip. I maybe under roasted them. I'll give it another go.
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    Dandelion root coffee

    There is nothing that doesn't benefit from bacon. I made nettle and clever pesto yesterday with some dandelion leaves thrown in for good measure, and actually that was very good.
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    Dandelion root coffee

    Never heard of that, and I won't be rushing out to try it either! In fact the closest flavour to dandelion root I can think of is truffles (stretching thigs a bit), which I also don't like.
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    Dandelion root coffee

    Made it, tried it. It's a totally unfamiliar flavour to me. I think I'll stick to real coffee.
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    Hi from Suffolk

    Hello, also from Suffolk. Welcome to the forum!
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    A Moral Dilemma

    Broch, you have quite an armoury. I'm envious! It seems like you have already concluded that there is no right or wrong answer, or at least not much in it. It also sounds like this is one of those situations where taking no action may be more comfortable or paletable, but no more 'right' than...
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    Fatwood and birch bark in the old days

    Definitely. I went through a phase of making charcloth, and now have more than I will ever need. I will let you know how it goes :)
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    Fatwood and birch bark in the old days

    I love the idea of grinding spruce twigs between rocks. I'd never have thought of that. I will try it with fatwood shavings, see if I can get a fine enough powder to take a spark from flint and steel. Gunpowder is an interesting one. It actually reminds me of a scene in the film the Revenant, in...
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    Fatwood and birch bark in the old days

    Didn't think it would take a spark. It would have to be a very fine powder I'd have thought. I'll have to try. My flint and steel technique involves safety specs, many fragments of flint, possible blood, and if I'm lucky, a spark. I get there in the end though. A work in progress as always.