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    State Pension Awareness.

    i knw what i was going to get my sone is fraud manager with hmrc and his friend worked in that area ...he told me and to go to ,gov,uk to check for myself
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    State Pension Awareness.

    i have my .gov report here i have to claim in March to get it at June next year £175.20 per week
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    Audible Books Suggestions

    Brigantia: Vindolanda, Book 3 - Adrian Goldsworthy
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    Sold Weihrauch HW 45 air pistol.

    has it Hull Cartridge stamped on and fibre optic sights
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    Miners lamp restoration

    the pin was pulled down with a strong magnet allowing the locking plate to open when my pit closed they dug a big hole and shoved hundreds in and covered them back over...what a shame
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    Edgematters unavailable, expired certificate

    its ok here linux
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    Knife Cull

    what about a swap for your orange sword for a nearly or as good as new opinel no6 Fine Range....walnut/stainless
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    For Sale Catapults/Slingshots

    and received...big thanx in these troubled times
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    Kidney Surgery

    wishing you all the best..
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    Sold Clearout 5 SVORDS

    number 1 please pm sent
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    Epub and Mobi files

    "calibre" will be your friend
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    Target practise

    golf tees with 9mm plastic balls on top...shoot the ball off...shoot the tee stem in two
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    IR torch

    Pulsar do a nice small one depending on wavelength ...but a bit underwhelming for that distance...a t20 850nm will get eyeshine but not exactly light to carry
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    Opinel personalised

    very nice....heres mine ...neglected last 10 years could do with some oil i think
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    Miners lamp restoration

    just for a bit info...if its all brass top...its a decorative one...if it has a silver top with brass plate..its a proper used one judging by the lack of number of the plate and no dents, and the lack of a soldered tube on the top part, where a methane test tube was fit...these were officials...