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    Withdrawn ** Lars Falt Lock Back Knife **

    That was a bargain. Wish I had the funds at the moment.
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    Summer Bushmoot 2021 Photograph Album

    I was thinking of the latter part of the moot. I'm only about a mile away from it. It is fantastic countryside and coastal area though.
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    Summer Bushmoot 2021 Photograph Album

    Some fantastic pics there! Shame the weather didnt hold for you.
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    The Steam Tent Co-operative at the Wilderness Gathering

    Lovely example of a miners lamp in your pics Wayland. Does it still work? We have 2 inherited from my father but unfortunately non working.
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    2021 Summer BushMoot - 26 July - 7 August 2021

    Glad you all enjoyed. Local Londis on the way said he had received an upturn in business from you all
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    Uses of Duct Tape #34913

    Certainly beats patching up a tarp.
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    Fear of the dark

    I grew up in one of the Welsh Valleys where there was nothing behind me but planted pine forest. Used to do a lot of walking with my father there when I was younger but was still uncertain about going there on my own, especially when the mist was down, no sounds, not another soul around. Still...
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    Test: Crusader cup, Flexistove, Firedragon.

    So 2 firedragon cubes to get boiling water. How does that compare to hex tablets? I was thinking of getting the firedragon stove (Esbit clone) with the cubes for myself
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    Where to buy Greenheat sachets in East Lancs?

    I have to say I've never had an issue with the Fire Dragon Blocks but prices do vary from shop to shop
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    Article: SnugPak: Insulated Jungle Travel Blanket

    I've got the standard size which packs down very small especially with the compression straps. Great for summer and emergency use and probably as an additional layer for winter. Not washed it yet though so no idea how the filling would react to that.
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    Hi all

    Thanks all. Cant make the Candleston Moot due to currently moving house but might be able to make the mid Wales one if we've found a property by then. Let me know if you want any local knowledge on the Bridgend area for the Moot - shops, taxis etc. Hope the weather keeps like this!
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    2021 Summer BushMoot - 26 July - 7 August 2021

    Hi all, Recently joined but I actually live down the road from the Moot. Unfortunately not able to make it this year due to currently moving house but if anyone wants any knowledge of the local area please feel free to ask. Steve
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    Hi all

    Hi, Like many a long time lurker on this forum so thought about time I should show my face. Been a car camper with 4 man tent for most of my life but have been slowly acquiring various bushcraft/wild camping gear over the last few years but have yet to put it to the test. Always picked up...