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    Folding knife with saw blade?

    I had a boker plus Optima at one point which has an interchangable knife/saw blade and was a hell of a knife for the price. Also this looks nice
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    Sold Highlander Forces 33 Rucsac

    Hi Mr 'The Cumbrian I'd like to take this off you if its still available. Ill PM you also! Cheers Si
  3. Sieddy

    Swedish Axe choices

    Me too definitely- but I couldn't justify the extra cost - so went for the HB Agdor Trekker!
  4. Sieddy

    Mini-skrama mini project

    Looks like a really handy bit of kit. Good job! :)
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    Dave Budd tells us about managing and processing the Wood he needs...

    Looks like a great article. I'll look forward to getting into that later!
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    A New Ash Self-Bow

    Great to see a bit of Bowyery on her. The longbow looks good, happy shooting! :)
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    French 'feuille' cleaver

    Blimey! is that for butchering Elephants! :oops:
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    Another Chopper!

    Glad to hear it Woody girl. I'll keep an eye out in the future for your gardening/food posts. Like many we've got back into the gardening again over the last couple of months, but the wife's in charge of that I just do the donkey jobs digging, mowing etc. I'm not green fingered at all but it's...
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    Another Chopper!

    Thanks for the feedback Tony greatly appreciated! :) I do hope you're right about it being a seasonal glitch. I love this forum and do really enjoy the posts!
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    Another Chopper!

    Cheers TLM I had planned for the handle end to be quite a different shape but the balance point kept creeping forward and so i decided not to remove any more wood. Thankfully it does do the job- though looks a bit funny! :O_O:
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    Another Chopper!

    Thanks bud. Yeah its strange youd think usage would increase! It's such a great forum I'd hate to see it decline. But its probably just a lull! :)
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    Another Chopper!

    Where is everybody?! Traffic seems to have gone really slow on this forum- I thought this post would have generated quite a bit of banter. Anyone else noticed that there seems to be much fewer posts and comments recently? :angelic2:
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    Another Chopper!

    And finishing off with my new Bergstrom bladed birchbark handle knife. Good times!
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    Another Chopper!

    In keeping with the current theme of big blades heres a pic of the Leuku (Brisa blade and Masur Birch) I am just finishing off. It's my first (owning and making) and I love it! I had to put it to work on some green wood when I got the handle shaped.
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    Check out my chopper

    That looks like a wood murdering tool if ever I saw one. Nice- happy chopping! :):blackalien::)