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    Good sea fishing spots near Glasgow?

    Loch Long was always good for Mackerel, we’d put the canoes in by the oil depot and paddle across to Loch Goil, always had a few on the feathers after the crossing
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    BcUK Photograph of 2020 January Heat

    Great pics everyone :thumbsup:
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    Stove build - If only I had the skills............

    I turned an old PC case into a stove, I just winged it as I went along but it was a fun project Can't believe it's 7 years ago but I've found the pics buried away in a dusty corner of photobucket
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    BcUK Photograph of 2019 May Heat

    Frosty cobwebs on my canoe rack
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    Single AAA torch options?

    I use an Olight I3S as my main light during the warmer months, it doesn't throw a great deal of light but fine for camp duites
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    The Devil's own.....

    The Highland midge laughs at DEET :)
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    The Devil's own.....

    We had a few early biters in the Lakes a few weeks ago, luckily there was a fairly steady breeze for the majority of the trip but they were active. Beatons jacket and Wilmas is going on the next outing :)
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    Morning all

    Welcome to the forum James
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    Planning UK Walking Adventure Ideas

    Cape Wrath Trail, the finest walking route the UK has to offer :) Not ideal for hammocks but doable, the far north sections would be better with a tent or tarp/bivvy setup
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    What's the Snow like in your neck of the wood's?

    Had a decent dump here but it's all blown away now Managed to kerb my car twice on the commute home Wednesday
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    Hello from Dorset

    Welcome to the forum Pete
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    WinterMoot 2019

    Entered in calendar A WinterMoot is a lot easier for me to get to than the summer meet
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    Bear Bowl - Folding Pot

    You're link didn't work for me so I couldn't see any details, it looks a bit gimmicky but I'll try and find more info
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    New site - Bugs, Feedback & Questions

    New Posts page acts a little different on XF to what folk will be used to Tone, we added a Recent Posts page if you remember I'm sure there's an add-on for it but I think we went this route
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    Hello and a Question

    It looks like you've tried to link to your main page rather than a single image Cameron Click on Photostream rather than Camera Roll Click on the photo you want to use, it'll open a new page, then click the share button, bottom right, looks like an upswept arrow Choose BB Code then whichever...