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    What did you buy today?

    Blue polka dot galluses. Regards A slimmed down Ceeg
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    What did you buy today?

    A layered foam archery target.
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    Lovely video of making a feather blanket

    I watched all the way through, fascinated. The process of it and the tools needed have a remarkable resonance in some aspects of applied knotting work, even the use of that "third hand" (Swedish fid) and the baton (splicing sabre). And, yes, I too can vouch for the aching fingers in the doing...
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    Moods that cause regret

    Ha. The book was Herrmann's Intuitive Archery....the one I had from Son, was Herrigel's Zen in Archery, And as I pointed out, when apologising, I said that , if I had come across the book that I believed was sent in error, then I would probably have ordered it anyway. On the other hand, the book...
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    Moods that cause regret

    One of the pleasant things of mellowing with the passing years, is that I rarely have cause to be irked by the irritating situations that life throws at one from time to time. I ordered a a book to do with some of the mystical things which associate with intuitive archery...hmmm, it sounded just...
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    What did you buy today?

    A beaut of a 44@28 Assyrian bow from Bogar of Slovakia. Shoots sweet from the box. 'Fellah knows his stuff alright. Ceeg
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    Preparing thread for leather working. The Wayland Method.

    By golly, I do like the ditty bag...the build quality and substance looks as if it would easily cope with a direct hit from a twelve inch , HE shell. Regards Ceeg
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    Preparing thread for leather working. The Wayland Method.

    Nice one! this is exactly the set-up that I use for "leathering" a wire eye splice. This is always done with the Baseball stitch, except I start from the centre and work towards the ends and I find it easier to keep the twin strands parallel, if they're drawn over a thin screw drive until just...
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    What did you buy today?

    Just raised an order for a Vermil Victory. May be a lonnnng time arriving. Ceeg
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    canvas repairs advice

    Uncleboob, you've probably done the task already. I found that a folded hem will staple in position very easily while you sew, basting tape is better, but expensive for small repairs. Ceeg
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    Put sheath on belt without undoing belt - ideas wanted

    On the other hand, could you not sew a short but stout leather strap to an appropriate position on the belt? , with a holdfast arrangement, ( buckle or Sam Brown stud), to secure t'other end . Just slot the strap directly through the sheath, or the axe frog , no hooks ,Carra's, danglers or...
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    Summer hats - styles and options

    A seagrass straw hat, now in its 12th season. Just needs an annual reshape over a pan of boiling water. Regards all Ceeg
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    What did you buy today?

    A smallish, layered foam target for " garden" Archery. A small pressure washer. 10 mtrs of 6x19 wire, for splicing practice. Rgds Ceeg
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    Day Out Twilight

    Not only very well written, it is a piece that draws and involves the reader. Salutations, Storyteller. Regards Ceeg
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    Handle project

    Job done. I reasoned that antler handles had been around for much longer than modern adhesives and I sought to try out the method of boiling the crown, knowing that you get just one shot at it. Another thought, was that I couldn't see First Nations successfully winkling-out all that core...