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    Miltec tarp or Dd tarp ?

    Thanks all, I have two issue Brit desert cammo tarps, 3/3. Just looking for a bigger one. I have a first gen DD one that was poor quality and a webtex with the stud poppers. DD Tarp first gen Two Desert cammo Tarps
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    Miltec tarp or Dd tarp ?

    Similar price. Which has better build quality ? Ta
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    An outdoor centre I worked at had a gardener who used to tell me to get kids to play football on any lawn with molehills. He reckoned the running about and bouncing balls scared them off.
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    Fire pit options

    They burn smoke free. Forgot to bring home kindling from my school workshop yesterday. Will.have to forage today for my Kelly kettle.
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    Pizza oven - on top of bbq

    Anyone used one of these ? Argos BBQ toppe kir I would prefer the Aldi versionAldi
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    Fire pit options

    My last school we used an old stainless washing machine drum. it burned very clean with no smoke. But, it does burn wood fast as it's mega efficient at drawing in oxygen. The lip around the top edge was perfect for setting on potatoes in tin foil. When the skips were still shut last May I got an...
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    COVID changes to your life?

    As a Teacher, lucky to be now having no commute. Although teaching woodwork Online is not really possible. Easier to daily walk or bike from the door. Slightly limiting frost and ice the last few weeks for canoeing/stand up paddling. Local walks recently. Leave No Trace Adventures...
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    Recent GPS errors

    You may have had some recent track errors. Possible explanation here.
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    Faulty Amazon bought Fire Stand/Bowl

    Being a CDT/DT teacher and having a garage full of tools, it should be doable.
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    Faulty Amazon bought Fire Stand/Bowl

    Tomorrow I will be making the two left work by expanding/enlarging the tubes.
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    Cold weather layering, how does it work and why? Modern and traditional?

    To me it's all about layering based on what you are doing eg sitting in a canoe gently paddling versus belaying a climber up a mountain after climbing and sweating buckets. So layering allows for breathability and warmth. Walking uphill to go winter climbing is the hardest thing to get layers...
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    Faulty Amazon bought Fire Stand/Bowl

    Both suppliers have a refund. One has been sent back already.
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    Kelly kettle plastic whistle?

    Looking for an online supplier in-stock ?
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    Covid camping....

    Quick google map looking near Lantic Bay ? Maybe a bit exposed but discrete ? Never been there.
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    Covid camping....

    A local beach area ? Must be a quiet one with a walk in and no car park so will be quiet somewhere.