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  1. rob1983

    Cardiff and the environs

    Im up for this ... Im Cardiff area aswell its hard to find anyone here local that is up for a good camping session. :morpheus:
  2. rob1983

    Anyone from Cardiff?

    No probs :) I will post a new thread about it soon, see who opts in for it and what dates they are available etc
  3. rob1983

    Anyone from Cardiff?

    Been a while since I seen this thread come back to life lol I think we should arrange something soon. I will have a word around with some woodland owners see if we can get a gathering soon. Throw a couple of logs on the fire with couple of rabbits and coffee/wine/beer to wash it down... nothing...
  4. rob1983

    where to buy quality leather for crafts?

    Im new to leather craft and thinking on giving it a try, just wondered if anyone know of some good companies that sell some quality leather for crafting projects? Ive come across some website but when I make enquiries no one is replying. If anyone got any good ones please feel free to inbox me...
  5. rob1983

    Anyone from Cardiff?

    Cheers for the reply guys. atm bit under the weather with double eye infection but in couple of weeks when im up to scratch again will arrange something near by with some land owners where we can all meet up? :pokenest:
  6. rob1983

    Anyone from Cardiff?

    Just wondering how many on this forum live in Cardiff? always wondered if anyone local to me was on this forum and ever wanted to meet for a local camp fire on permitted grounds to exchange skills and knowledge. Also thinking on a winter camp in South Wales for anyone who wants to come along...
  7. rob1983

    bush tucking in Cornwall?

    Thinking on camping out in cornwall (newquay) for a month in March. Just wondered if anyone knows of any good bush tuck videos of what can be eaten from woodlands and beaches. Anyone from the area that is good with knowledge of the land inbox me or post some vids i'd be very grateful. Cheers...
  8. rob1983

    South Wales again?!

    Im up for a meet in January, Brecon sounds good to me. Whoever is organising it inbox me :camping:
  9. rob1983

    Im a celebrity get me out of here - Equipment?

    Cheers for that. Was typing in sleeping bags and all sorts lol didnt know the correct name for it.
  10. rob1983

    Im a celebrity get me out of here - Equipment?

    Watching the program earlier im wondering if anyone know the make or name of the sleeping bag equipment they are using? It's like a flat tent over a sleeping bag they get into totally water proof and they seem to sleep really well in them (apart from corrie star who screams over rats). Would be...
  11. rob1983

    My best friend has gone forever.....

    I can relate to this thread, My jack russell had cancer all over his body we didnt know until late when the test results came bk but it was too late by then I got a bottle of water and squeezed it into his mouth he was so weak and dehydrated and try to give him water that way, he ended up dying...
  12. rob1983

    Regular South Wales meets?

    Count me in aswell im in South Wales - Cardiff West area, PM me details cheers :pokenest:
  13. rob1983

    New to Wales, need some bushcafting buddies!

    Im up for a venture, January time.. needs to walk off the beer belly and pies from the over joys of xmas.. im in the Cardiff West area.
  14. rob1983

    Hi from Cardiff

    good stuff! ... do they have many meet ups in South Wales area? It be good to learn from many on here as im still a rookie at bushcraft