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    Close Encounter

    People really are stupid sometimes, in fact often. One of the beaches where I fish gets regular Seal visits, one has obviously been fed by idiots, because he chased an angler, who was dragging a couple of Macketel, up the beach!…………..It was hilarious!
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    Ed Stafford Forest Smock

    I have a Ridgeline Smock, cannot remember which one, but it is slightly more breathable than the earlier cheaper ones…..Apparently. Now, I work a Spaniel, Stalk and hike, and it can become rather warm if you are very active for sure. But around my Bushcraft camp it comes into its own...
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    Close Encounter

    I worked on Dartmoor for 3 decades, both night and day, and quite a lot around Bellever. Used, binos, night vision and thermal and saw nothing but pussycats. Do I believe there are big cats on Dartmoor? That depends on how big Tabby is………….No
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    Favourite bird

    My career job put me in touch with all sorts birdies, there are some I like more than others, and a couple I am not to keen on, Magpies being one, there are far to many of them. But for me it has to be the Kingfisher, agile, stunning, busy and always a joy to watch. I have seen hundreds of...
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    Clear Water, Clear Access Campaign

    May I respectfully ask, what/who is the relevant River Authority?
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    Group first aid kit

    The above is a great start, but make sure your FAK represents your Risk Assessment, the only, very pedantic, change would be Scissors for Tough Cut Shears.
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    Courgette Glut Ideas!

    Soup, much better than I thought. You Tube has several ideas.
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    Your medical kit - its a mess!

    Do you have any examples where a lay person, and I include those that hold a FAW, have been sued for administering FA to someone. Certainly not something I have heard of before.
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    Your medical kit - its a mess!

    I think to even hint that you could be sued for administering FA, even as a trained FAW, is totally counter productive.
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    Bromwell Frying Pan

    @Limey Pete. What an obnoxious person you are, already ignored.
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    Perception, how do we look?

    Not the dusky maidens you have to worry about in these parts, the barmaids eat their young!
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    Perception, how do we look?

    Never roam the Moor during a full moon, and alway keep to the tracks!
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    Perception, how do we look?

    Yep, certainly most of it.
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    Perception, how do we look?

    Please don’t feel sorry for me, I live in the Dartmoor National Park in the beautiful county of Devon.
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    Perception, how do we look?

    I would never park across someone’s driveway and go and sit in their garden, so, sorry, I would never park in a gateway and just enter private land without permission of the land owner. I don’t get why some people think they should have the right to trample or camp wherever they want to. I...